Light stage use

I am growing white widow auto flower that seem to be doing well. I am a bit confused as to what stage lighting I should be using. I am using a Mars Hydro LED light with a grow and bloom switch. What stage lighting should I be using? My plants are at 10 weeks and have several stems with what appear to be close to blooming.


First off welcome to the community @mlchris

Since your growing a auto you should have both veg and bloom switches turned on
I personally would leave them both on even if growing a photo

Your hours should be 18-6 you won’t need to switch to 12-12 since they are autos


Do you have pics of you plant? With a mars hydro, you’'ll want both veg and bloom switches turned on when you decide to go in to flower.

Sorry, just seen your growing autos

I was gonna say flower light and 12/12 hours but apparently I don’t know squat diddly about autoflower!
No wonder I didn’t like them when I tried them! I’m oldschool anyway, I like my plants large and weeping with heavy buds!
Anyway, Welcome to the forums! You’re in the right place for a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced grower, it’s grower’s college here and it starts at kindergarten so you won’t miss a thing!

Run both like everyone else had stated. 18-6 is great for the whole grow with autos. Your in good hands with these guys. Happy growing and good luck.

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@Shatter with autos you don’t need to switch to 12-12 on occasion you need to help them along and switching can help
But You can and I do grow mine under 12-12
its not required with them tho
some actually like longer light periods with autos

I really don’t grow many of them I prefer photos

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Autos can grow into monsters even under 12/12.


Thanks for the comments. I am new at this and I was told that autos were good for beginners. I dont have pictures but can post some when available. Thanks again


If you need anything else just tag me @mlchris

Here is what my plants look like at 10 weeks. Is this normal? I was expecting some buds by now. These are White Widow autos.

Repost picture and what light schedule you have them on ? Feeding schedule and whatever other info you can provide

Thanks, I have them on a 20/4 hr, veg/bloom light. I am feeding them every 3 days with 2 qt of ph 6.5 and fox farm grow big, big bloom. Can’t seem to get photo downloaded.

If it’s a auto and it hasn’t started to flower try reducing light schedule sometime they need some help got to 14 -10 or 12-12

I have tried 3 times to get photo to upload, it says it is uploading but obviously I am doing something wrong. Any ideas?

Host the photo on the web, then copy and paste it, if it doesn’t load to the web, it’s likely a formatting issue, if that’s so, convert the photo to JEPG.

I hope this photo worked.

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What is your grow media? my DWC’s took 11 weeks to finally flower. Plants look healthy. Autos bloom when they feel like it. Herding cats!

If they’re large enough for your likings can go ahead and switch to 12/12 - you could have gotten photo seeds instead of autos - shouldn’t happen but absolutely could due to human error…if that’s not the case it’s just like @WickedAle said you gotta play the waiting game. Either way great plants! Look super healthy

Ohhh and you’ve seen sign they’re fem right? No pollen sacs indicating male or hermie?