Light lift for 5x5 light

Hello, i have a Gorella 5x5 with a Mars Hydro FC-E6500 BridgeLux 730W and I’m having an issue with lifting my light equally up and down in the gorilla tent. The gorilla tent has a front door and a little tiny back door. My back door is against the wall so I can only access the front. Is there a DIY setup to where I can pull one rope and lift the light straight up and down or I can even purchase something? I can’t get into the back corners to lift my lights back side. I can only lift the front side.


Hang a little pulley from each rear corner, and tie it off horizontally from the opposing ceiling bar over the door? You could still use a ratchet by the door, and extend the rope on the hang side of the pulley if it was too short to reach the light.

Never done it, just a thought…

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I found something… Sun System Level lift light hanger

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