Light leak question

Why are light leaks so detrimental? I mean I read that the tiniest light leak can cause this or that but in nature it’s never completely dark🤔 someone school me please

In nature you don’t have artificial light sources. The moon can get bright but doesn’t produce enough lumens for the plant to recognize it as light.


Okay sounds reasonable but would my red and green power lights cause issues I have 4 total

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Red will cause an issue. Red and blue spectrum are absorbed by the plant. This is why grow lights are heavy on blues and reds/far reds. Green is reflected by the plant. Under green light the plant believes it’s shaded. This is why people recommend using a green light to check on plants during lights out.


Geez that sucks well I will put black tape on the two red ones I have but probably too late I’m just weeks from harvest 3 weeks tops

Good to know though I appreciate the info and will apply that knowledge to my next grow that will start soon as this grow goes into jars

Have you ran into any male parts forming (bananas)?

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WW Autos day 55

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No not yet I’ve been looking though

Oh they’re autos. Those aren’t as susceptible to light leaks as photos are

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Yeah it’s my first grow so I figured I would try Autos to see if this was something I really wanted to invest my money and time into so I wanted something fast and go figure I’m hooked and have plenty of seeds Autos and Photos can’t wait to start some Photos

To me this grow is practice before I start my photos

Well photos should be a breeze then. Autos are tougher starter plants, in my opinion. I grew one auto and just left her alone to do her thing. They’re finicky and the vast differences you get from seed to seed are far greater. You can beat the shit out of photos and they keep grinding.

And as far as speed, my auto went just as long as my photos did.


Yeah I’m excited for my next grow I have WW and Alaskan Purple aka Alaskan Thunder F@ck lol but with this grow I topped one of the girls and accidentally broke of a branch while LST stuck it in honey then in a solo cup it’s budding now lol The the other 3 plants I just LST and pruned

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Btw the WW photo and Alaskan Purple photo are feminized that I’m growing next

I found my autos took as long as my photos did also. All photos this round, I may throw an auto in just for grins next turn through.


I have a WW photo about 5 to 6 weeks to harvest. It is a gorgeous plant. So frosty. And an pretty easy grow. And the Alaskan purple is in my next grow also. You will like that Ww. Looking good

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I hope you @ me as your growing I would like to see your progress!!!

The original question is a good one.

I’ve grown plants outdoors near sliding glass doors, windows, and in the shadows of security lights with zero herms. There was no direct bright light, but there certainly was plenty of light spillage and occasional illumination during the grows. Still, no herms.

I’ve had plants herm in a tent from one tiny glowing red led at the top of the tent.

Perhaps it’s about what the plants are accustomed to? Outdoors they experience all types of stresses. Maybe they become more resilient.


Well I should be in great shape then because I’ve made every rookie mistake possible and my plants are thriving for Autoflowers, I have crushed them as seedlings with heavy ass mh ballast as seedlings, I’ve topped ive pruned I’ve LST I’ve accidentally broke off bud site branches I’ve light leaked the shit out of them and over watered over nuted and they are still looking awesome if I were going to tell a beginner to start with something it would be the White Widow amazing and forgiving plants!!! Btw I’ve learned from my mistakes so I don’t see it as a bad thing just a learning curve I’m excited for my next grow because I think I’ll yield much more!

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