Light help! Should I add this?!?!

Hello fellow growmies. I currently have 3 plants in my closet. Its around 3 /12 feet long x 2 feet wide and a useable 4 feet of height.

I currently have a mars hydro t1000 (150w true power)

And I can scoop this up today to add into the closet.
It says v300 300w actual watts is 130…

Would this be highly beneficial to add into the closet for 3 photo period plants? I can grab this for $40 today


I have no experience with the viparspectra but I do love my TS1000. I had mine in a 2.5’x2.5’ tent and it performed well in there.

Is it a 2nd light that you’re adding or are you looking to add a primary light for the grow?

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I was just thinking about adding it right next to the ts1000 (which I also love to death). I just don’t know. Can I mix the full spectrum ts1000 white led with the purple viparspectra? Im just assuming itll be worth it for flower. I dont think I’d use it for Veg because the TS1000 does more than enough.

I have that same Viparspectra light in my starter cabinet. Has 2 mother plants and sometimes seedlings. It actually works pretty well. Gives off a little more heat than better lights and I have had one just like it burn out several of the LEDs. Before you buy it check all the LEDs to see if any are toasted. It will be obvious. Its best use is for seedlings. The V designation was for Vegetation stage and while it will flower a plant its better at early growth. As an addition it should be ok. For 40 bucks it might be ok. I think I only paid 79 for it brand new on Amazon. Was the first light I ever bought before I learned there are better choices.

Edit, It was actually 69…


Id plan on hanging it right next to it the ts1000 and putting my humidifier in the corner and keeping the fan where it is. Possibly to the right a tad.

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Sounds like ill pass on it and grab another MARS hydro when a deal comes up.

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I have an old Viparspectra V450 I use with a Solarstorm 440 from California Lightworks and an Apelila 300, The V300 you’re looking at I have one of them sitting over in the corner that I don’t use anymore. They are good for Vegetative state but those old Viparspectras lack in the red department for Bloom!!! 40 bucks is not too bad but they stopped making that light a few years back so it’s got some age on it as I said there great for veg but lack in the red department!

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Just a thought but Apelila makes a small 150watt with the bloom booster switch and I’ve used almost all of the LED lights except some of the 1,500 dollar ones from California Light Works and HelioSpectra which is another very expensive light. I would get a HelioSpectra but I can’t afford one. seriously tho Try one of the inexpensive Apelila’s if you just want to add to the Mars. You can’t beat them when it comes to the red spectrum when you cut the Bloom Booster switch on. There also good for veg however they have so many LED’s they run a little hot. they don’t have an aluminum heat sink, hence the low price.

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