Hlg 100 v2 vs Mars hydro ts 1000


Hey a friend and I are looking to add some light to my 3x3. I’m trying to teach him about hlg lol. Even tho the hlg is only 100w and the mars is 150, would you agree the hlg is still superior? I feel like the dimmer on the Mars hydro isnt all that valuable with such low watts. Figured I’d ask the expert.

Curious - what is your primary light?

@beardless a good ole fashioned blurple :joy:. It’s a viparspectre 600w. It’s done alright so far but I definitely want to upgrade at some point. Our goal currently is just adding some more light into the flowering stage we are currently in.

Current issues are having to add a ton of pH up to nute mix and my banner has stretched a solid 10" higher than the others so I can’t lower my light for the shorter plants and have had to be d the top cola of the banner to accommodate it.

I have the ts1000 and like it so far

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You’re probably going to get about the same out of each. Hlg-100 using better leds, ts1000 more power. In terms of overall light production probably not a huge difference between the two. That being said, hlg-100 roughly a third cheaper to run and will have lower btu into your space. Seeing as how they are similar in price I do feel that makes hlg-100 a better value.

There is coupon code I know works at hlg site for 10% off from dude grows show. Enter DUDE


@dbrn32 I’m running a 600w blurple, around 260 actual watts supposedly. Would that hlg be a decent companion light for flowering?

Hlg-100? Little too small there.

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