Is this a decent light?

Recently, I just ordered a new light.
I got a old agrobrite fluro junk light, so I decided to grab another and this is the one I grabbed;

light: MARS HYDRO TS 1000W

was hoping someone had some info on this?


I have not used a mars . But I have had good use of my spider farmer so far. And it cost just about the same

Nice! Thank you for the feedback. Link to your grow journal if you got one?

Mars hydro are good lights and will do just fine. I used a ts600 for my first grow. I added a hlg qb288 v2 rspec to my tent for my second grow.


Nice! I looking great. Can’t wait til it comes in.

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I’ve sent lots of great grows with the ts 1000. Good luck and happy growing! And if you have a grow journal tag me so I can follow. Here’s my second grow journal Druid tries for purple!

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They’re decent lights and on the cheap side of the good lights but I thought they veged great(upgraded by flower time)

Got two of them they are great for vegging, but always made LARF buds. The buds are still potent and a good buzz. Can’t beat the price either for the quality of light.

Do you guys think by using LST and defoliation that the chances of the buds being “larf” will decrease?

Tactical lsting and pruning will help a decent little bit or you could just get a 100 watt rspec hlg and just add that during flower ( the 260 xl diy kit is the most economical though and is a great investment imo)

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Hmm, thanks. I’m going too look into that light fixture, I also have an agrobrite fluro light that has two T5 54w bulbs. That should help if i add that in with the MH TS1000, just for this grow?

Might help during flower especially to even out those pesky edges but im sure theres a reason pros don’t use t5s (my guess is inefficiency of power and limited spectrum)

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I guess it would depend on what you’re comparing it to.

Just for my first grow ever. I have no experience and I am learning through forums & Mr Cannucks on Youtube… I’m not expecting 3lb yields, just wanted to know if she would do the job.

& @GreenSnek
Yes, the spectrum is definitely limited. I’m not sure about much if anything when it comes to lights but on the spectrum it’s high in red and very low in blue. Assuming this is an okay flower light just to add for my first grow ever, of course in addition to the MH TS 1000W