Light for Seedling Advice

Hey Y’all. I have 5 Jack Herer Fem sprouted in solo cups and currently growing under T-5 fixture. Keeping the light approx 3 inches above the seedlings. This is a dirt grow. When should I move them out from under the T-5’s and under QB? The grow area I am moving them to is a 2x6x5 with a SF1000 and SF2000. Appreciate any suggestions/comments.

You could keep them under the t5 until about a 1’1/2 tall…
Depends on how much head height you have…
And how well you train them…


How big is your t5 fixture? I would think an 8 bulb 400 watt would just about veg your space indefinitely. Smaller fixture however would be different story.

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It is a 24 inch four bulb that I was gifted. My thought was that I could use for starting seedlings and clones and then move the plants into a veg area with stronger light

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Ya that will work. Probably good from seed to a few weeks. After that 5 plants would probably outgrow effective footprint.

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