Light dep issues from flower back to veg

Ok, At approximately 6 weeks into flower plants went back to veg. I had a light issue and I fixed it. I think they went about 2 weeks with a light leek. I was hoping they would return to flower but I’m just not sure if they are. I don’t know if I should keep going or pull them?? image|374x500

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Someone please help!!! I’m devastated!!

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@WickedAle @AAA @missles can we get help here
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Dang girl they look better than mine lol

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Thank you!! I’m super bummed! I had Purple Punch and Purple Mr. Nice in my greenhouse. Weird thing is I had no issues with the PP turning to veg, harvesting that now. I’m supposed to feed today but if I’m gonna pull them I want them flushed! I’m hoping someone can help me make this decision. My gut is telling me keep going. Idk??

Why thank you!!

Ppl smarter than me will be along shortly lol…and yw


@AAA what you think about this

In my experience if they are put into the correct flowering light cycle, they will revert and finish.


I’m super grateful for the help!! Ok, So I fixed the light situation on June 3rd. How long will it take for them to revert back to flower? Also, My light schedule is 12 1/2 dark and 11 1/2 light. Could this affect anything? The reason for this is because I’m not actually covering in the evening. Sun goes down at 9:00 but last light is about 9:30, I leave greenhouse open all night cover at 4:20 am, first light is around 4:40 and then I uncover at 9:30. Keep in mind over the last few weeks I’ve had to gradually adjust the light over a half hour because it’s staying light out longer. Hope this makes sense. Let me know what you think. Thank u thank u

Good question.

Are you sure that when the shades on your greenhouse are closed there is not a single photon of light entering the grow area?

Are you using lights and the sun?

If you are just using the sun, I would just let them rip. The longest day of the year is almost here, the hours are reduced after solstice.

But, you will be looking at Oct/Nov harvest depending on strain.


Let’s see what @Big123 thinks?

Or @Mrcrabs?

Indica yes. Good news, they’re back in flower!! Doing light depo using tarps to cover and just sun no lights. My only question now is, Will it affect them if they’re getting 12 1/2 hours of dark and 11 1/2 hours of sunlight? Thanks for your help!!

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They will finish fine with 11.5 hours of sun.


Looks like problem solved … btw beautiful flowers

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I just have to say one more time, thank you for your input!! I almost harvested before they were ready. I’m so grateful I joined this site. I’m sure I’ll have many more questions in the future!!!

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