Light build help

Hey all, im going to be building a light for my flower area. Its going to be LED for sure. I was wondering what everyone would use.

I have a 4×8 area i want to flower.
I want to push that entire 4x8 with max light.

Comercial avaliability it would take 2 nextlight megas to get job done.

I think its gotta be 2 seperate lights. How would you do it? What would you build? Realistically i got about 1000 bucks over the next 2 months avaliable to do this.

Im a skilled electrician and master metal fabricator and designer so skills and tools i have.


I’m tagging our light god: @dbrn32 haha.

Going the DIY route is definitely a cost savings; especially if you have access to aluminum (which I did and sent me that way too).

You have 32 square feet that with the latest Samsung diodes (EB strips) you can plan on somewhere around 30 watts/square foot to flower out properly. Ideally if you can get that with the lights turned down, the efficacy of the lights is greater. Just a larger upfront cost.

Think along the lines of one light per plant. Plan from there. If you are doing a 32 square foot SOG grow then you need a higher density of light than say growing 3 plants. The diodes are a bit delicate so having a more manageable size is probably a good idea.

I did 3 fixtures for a 4 X 6 grow space. Each was 240 watt peak (first generation Samsung EB strips) and I have yet to run em flat out. Normally I peak in flower around 200 watts as that hits my daily light integral for flower.

The nice thing about this is you can build as you can afford. Vegging plants require a fraction of the light a flowering plant needs so could add as your plants age. Although I would probably buy all of the EB strips you’ll need at one time to get the discount. Then it’s just drivers and heatsinks and all the other misc parts.


Next light mega has total flux of 1400 umols/s and looks like standard 3500k cct. That’s piece of cake to do, biggest decision there is what you want to build ot with.

$1000 may be a problem. You can definitely save money building, but you’re trying to replicate two $1500 fixtures. Not easy to do unless you’re getting something cheaper than is available from distributors.

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Im open to suggestions. I simply looked at the mega looks like 2 of those would do my 4x8 nicely. Using that as a baseline was my intention.

This is all for personal consumption and not a business so i dont mind cutting a few corners.

Basically i guess i need to build 2 lights and have 500 bucks each to do it, what would you do? Whats the best light i can build for my budget that will result in good bud?

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I’ve built a couple lights with plc photoboost strips. They ended up costing a little over $1/watt.

For a 4’x8’ you need a minimum of 1000watts of high efficacy lighting.

But, I’ll defer to dbrn32, he’s done this a LOT more than I have.

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Do you have any cheap sources for aluminum? I’m assuming you have access to proper wiring and connectors at little to no cost? That will help.

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I can get aluminum for heat syncing. Wiring and connectors are no problem. Ill probably solder everything i can. Im a motorcycle enthusiasts so if you ever built a harley it will make you lose faith in all manner of connectors. Lol


Imo pretty substantial difference between a motorcycle and a light that remain pretty much immobile. But I here you.

The bridgelux eb gen 2 has been replaced by gen 3, but some distributors still have gen 2 modules in stock. For size of fixtures you’re looking at I would think the 1120 or 560mm versions make the most sense. For seed to harvest growing with them I would say 3000k or 3500k. If you can find enough of any in stock the price is probably reduced, and would likely fit within your budget.

I would see if you can find reasonable amount in stock. Probably stating obvious, but you’ll need twice as many 560mm strips as 1120mm. For two fixtures in 4x8, I’m guessing at least 20 of the 1120mm strips or at least 40 of the 560mm strips.

That might work… im only concerned with flowering, unlikely i will use this to veg but maintaining that flexibility is a good idea i think.

Im thinking a 50/50 mix of 3000 and 3500. That seem rite?

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You can mix them or buy all of 1 kind or the other.

Any benifit to mixing?? Any detriment to mixing?


If mainly for flower stick with 3,000K.

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When you’re looking at the difference between 3000k and 3500k, not really. They are pretty close. I have feeling you’ll have more difficult time finding what you’re looking for.

The gen 3 are seemingly avaliable in either 3 or 3.5k.

Ok. What can you get to use for heatsinks?

Not positive but its a bunch. I have a place where i can get tube and angle, i have a 54×54 inch piece of 11ga here at the house. I have access ti some extrusions also, not intended for heat sync but they are substantial.

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Before you buy anything I would check that out for sure. Make sure you can get enough of something that will work for sure.

Workin on that. Ill run the assembly plan by you when we get that far. In the mean time i need to decide on boards and drivers. Im thinking 5 bridgelux eb2 or 3. Layed out in a 42x50 pattern for first light. Set them in a 4 corner and a center set up. What driver i need to push 5 ?

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You’re talking the 1120mm?

My apologies, yes.