Let the 2019-2020 grow season begin

I did have a journal for it, link below. I did not notice any particular demand/requirements from the plant, other that she was easy to grow (effortless just about), got frost on her wayyy before the others and yielded a lot of pot.
There are some plants/strains I would like to grow a second time and God’s Gift is on that very short list, that’s how much I like her. I think if you do what you do you’ll be fine, you seem very attentive to your plants and she’s an easy going gal, your time will be well rewarded.
I also trust the reviews from forum members much more than anything I might come across somewhere else.
Hope this helps and be sure to tag me in when you start her, you should be very excited :+1::v:

Round 2 (the Ganja Round) Already in Progress

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Thank you. I’ll let you know when I get ready to germinate her. I am excited now. Looking at making some upgrades to the plants world. If it happens I will feel more comfortable growing 4 than 3. If that happens she will make it to the line up soon.:sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds good Dude, yup, you got your hands full for now but its something to definitely look forward to :smiley:

In your growing journal you mention a trimming technique that you learned. Could you share that with me? I have some trimming to do and I’m looking for some guidance.

The ladies are looking really good right now and growing a couple inches a day. They are starting to show their legs, which I am partial too.:smile: After some reading and consulting a friend of mine I trimmed them up a bit tonight also. The GL was famous for collecting water between her leaves even with 3 fans in their house, she will have a tough time doing that for a few days. I bumped the watts up again on my light and reset at 26”. They should get plenty of light to the bud sites now. I either killed them or helped them. I worked with a grower for a week this summer so I’m not too stressed. I think they look better than they did. This will be their last big trim, going forward there will be selective trimming to get light to shaded areas. Have a great night and a good week!


Water night. I was out of town chasing whitetail for the weekend and when I came back I was very happy to see how well adjusted the girls where. If the three of them continue at this pace they may fill my meter x meter tent! I would be excited to see that happen.

They received their microbial boost tonight. As well as a 1/2 tsp of Epsom salt and 1/2 tsp of Dementers Destiny to add a little cal/mag to their diet now that they are officially flowering. I’m very happy with the way the recovered from their defoliation last week. Full wattage on the light by the end of the week, week-3 of flowering.

They have been flipped for 10-days. Should I think about one. last removal of fan leaves? @Killadruid @Missiles @Mote @MattyBear @blackthumbbetty Or should I selectively cut fan leaves that are covering bud sites. I’d also like to learn about some lollipop techniques. Any and all help is always gladly accepted.

Family Photo
Gorilla Glue Gorilla Glue Bud Train Wreck Train Wreck Bud Gold Leaf


The plants are looking beautiful! They really bounced back from the trim. Nice work.
As far as lollipoping this is how I go about it. I concentrate on the new shoots, I call them suckers or would be clones. I cut them off as they grow so the plant can concentrate on flower growth on the top 2/3 to 1/2 of the plant. I normally try to focus on the top 1/2 of the plant during flower. I make sure not to cut any fans leaves if possible. Hope this helps.


Good Morning @Bubblehead, hope you had a great weekend.
The girls look fantastic! nice job. :+1:

Absolutely, I would, it will only help your final harvest. You could go pretty hard at them w pruning if you wanted to. If you look at @GreenJewels last thread (w the crazy Cheese plant) and my last thread we both employed @BigDaddyCain’s aggressive pruning method and we were both very happy w the results.
I think you have about 2 maybe 3 weeks to do all the pruning you want to do but after that its best to leave them alone for fear of stressing them out.
Also, just 1 good prune per week, so they have time to heal. Check out the threads though, cause BigDaddy goes into detail about how to do it correctly.
Hope this helps & have a great week :wink:


They look awesome @Bubblehead :grin: I would prune anything that isn’t getting good air flow and any bud sights that are being blocked.


@Bubblehead, I’m Sorry, I just saw this. I think @GreenJewels’ thread The Cheesy bubble bucket has a more detailed “guideline” than mine does. If you have the stomach for it, it works incredibly well, I would not have done it had I not seen the results GJ was getting. I basically defoliated the hell out of the plants in stages, I would aggressively defoliate, wait a week, do it again and if you have time do it one more time.

I was apprehensive when I ended up w what looked like twigs w a few leaves dangling in there :joy:
Did not think they would bounce back but lo & behold they did. Look carefully at our pictures & see where you can prune some of your girls & go with it only as much as you are comfortable with.

Have you pruned them recently? if so how long ago?


@Mote I trimmed a week ago Sunday. They pretty much looked like stems with a few leaves on top. I’m willing to do it again, I just did not want to get too far into flowering. They were flipped 11-days ago today. If it will not stress them too much I’d do it again tonight. I just don’t want to hermi them.

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Yep, I understand, no one wants a Hermit.
Sounds like you’ve done some good pruning on em already and that’s how mine looked after a week, like one had not even pruned them lol.
Personally yes I would do 1 more (& last) round of pruning & let them go after that.


Wait till wk3 flowering, at least, before you defol again


Thanks @Budbrother for chiming in, we needed that (well, at least I did lol).
Went off the grid last friday just resurfaced. HOw are you feeling this week my friend?


Tiny bit of improvement every day, Thank you for asking.

I was catching up here. @Bubblehead and my answer to how did you know if over or under feeding with organics. Simply, You go by the tips. If they haven’t got yellow tips then you can feed more. Once they have yellow tips, feed at that same strength and look to new growth.

If the yellow of the tips start to get crispy and/or the yellow goes down each of the tips then you fed too much or you have a K def. Thats where reading ones plants will help you to differentiate between those.

Importantly, remember that it takes a week to see the results of anything you do in soil


Glad to hear it Dude, I think that’s how this will play out, small increments, better than nothing.
Messed up my back somehow, taking oxycodone now, I mainly take them at night.
And they’re also testing my wizz, I told em to knock yourselves out! fuq em


@Bubblehead yes I explained it in bubble bucket but let me try to copy and paste it


Thanks @Budbrother your description of what to look for really helps. One of my frustrations during my first grow was the advice you have to read your plants and they will tell you what they need. I had never grown cannabis before or much of anything for that matter and had no idea how to speak their language. Now after 2 1/4 grows I’m getting better but I’ll take all the coaching I can get.

Glad to hear your feeling better. Hope your recovery is speedy.


Exactly well put I’m on my 6th and I still take advice. Now days I can read most problems by just looking at my plants.


The last bit about reading the plants would be…
ie. yellow tips and growing fine then about into say wk6 flowering and notice that the edges are starting to yellow downward. Noting has changed but some P def here and there till then. That’s when you look to K def as the cause and check ph etc.