Length of light schedule

I have a eight week old plant from seeds from who knows where that I started before i finally got some from ILGM. Put in with some WWA that I started on a 20/4 light cycle.The plant has been growing good but noticed some white hairs like it was starting to flower. What will happen if I leave it on 20/4 while it flowers? Dont have anywhere to put it and no extra lights.

If it is a photo priod plant then it will go back to the veg stage. I f it is an auto then it will continue to flower. But if you never put it on a 12/12 cycle then it probably is an auto.

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Its a eight week or less auto. What strain is it?

Sounds like an auto if it is flower on that light scheduled. If auto then it will flower when ready no matter what the light schedule is.


I read your post where you said WWA (white widow auto) it will flower on 20/4 schedule. Me personally run my lights on 12/12, they do need time to rest. I’ve grown many wwa