Timing on white widdow autos

I have 5 White Widdow Auto’s on day 47 and haven’t seen signs of flowering yet.

I think there is another thread here as well about the WW auto not showing signs.
Honestly if it’s an auto you just have to let it do its thing. You can try to switch to 12/12 to see if it does anything, but being an auto it shouldnt matter. Really it just does it when it is ready.

If I try switching to 12/12 to initiate flower and am successful, do I leave them under 12/12 or switch them back to the 18/6?

If they begin to flower under the 12/12 lighting then I would think about leaving it as they are not autos, maybe give it another week or 2 before you try this step and see if they will. If not you can throw it on 12/12 and try that. They should be getting pretty close to switching.

You can always try to switch back to an 18/6 schedule and see what happens, at most, all it would do is reveg if it wasn’t an auto.

I have a white widow auto that is almost 6 months old. After 2 months it still hadn’t started to flower so I switched my lights to 12/12. Ad of today, it’s 120 days of flower. I don’t have any pics on my phone but I’ll tag you in on my journal

That’s what I’ll do, I have another room finishing up now, when they’re done if these autos haven’t flipped. I’m gonna put them in that flower room. I’m sure these are autos(came packaged from ILGM saying autoflower) I have faith that they are, just never grown autos before and thought they’d be into flower by now. I’m not in a rush though, so I’ll play it smart. Thanks for the input.

Wow, so these Auto’s take just as long as photoperiods. What’s the benefit of them again if they take so long to finish. I thought start to finish was 65 days. I guess I’m better off with photos, at least I can flower them when I want to and the THC is usually higher. I think these types of plants are best suited for outdoor grows.

So there now on day 71 and still no sign of flower, they’re 4ft tall now.! There are 5 white widdow autos, 4 on the right and 1 on the left, the 2 bushes in the front are Lemon Haze from Crockett’s Farm.