Legacy Strains (Can you growmies recommend some to try?)

I am interested in the history just as much as the high.

Are there any strains that are still available you would recommend trying to grow?

You asked a similar question about African strains. Durban poison is a great pure sativa strain and is one of the few remaining landrace (legacy) strains. I grew one a few years ago and made hash out of all of the harvest and I am still smoking the hash. Give DP a try if you haven’t grown it yet.

We didn’t know much about strains back in the 70s, but DP was one that was known and was a preferred strain.


The only other legacy strain wise i know of are Panama Red and Acapulco Gold. Living in CO our weather can be tough on these girls but our spring, summer and fall can be nice here.

I am aware of Durban and it is on my short list. I honestly wanna try the weed of my parents generation (60s/70s) but everything is hybridized these days.

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This was one of the strains that was identifiable back in the 70s too.


Diligence Growmie, I would say any of the land race strains offered by seed banks are watered down version compared to back in the day. Research small breeders, there’s some out there that have spent a few years working these strains back to some genetic resemblance of the originals :love_you_gesture:


I just harvested an Acapulco Gold photo.

Buds could be a little denser but I’m sure it was my error along the way. I’m trying DP next but may go back to AG after that.

I have a lot more seeds than I could use in 10 years.

I also grew an AG as a bonsai just for fun. Got a pretty decent yield for growing on my work bench with improper lighting.


That is awesome man.

Thanks for sharing.

Its not a legacy strain but I am going to try and grow a strain called Warlock. It was my first experience smoking and I have tried to find it for ages but its a CA strain.


I was interested in some strains from back in my day as well. I googled Land Race strains and came up with several hits. I landed on AG as I smoked alot of that back then…It came out phenom. Great smoke/flavor. Nice dense bud structure and mine turned out to be the prettiest girl I have grown to date. Only have 2 more seeds as they were $20.00 a pop from seedsman.