Olden varieties in todays seed banks

Hi All,

I am wondering are the varities Acapulco Gold and Panama Red still around?? How about Thai Sticks?

I would love the forst two crossed into an Auto flower.


Let me get back to you. Just saw this stick and Panama red yesterday. Can’t remember wich seed bank.

Growers choice has Acapulco gold and Panama red but they are fems. I think Sinai has thai stick…

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Memory lane. Funny, it was probably a month or so ago I was searching to see if those strains were still around.

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I’m a new grower too. I found ILGM this summer and was drawn to the 20 seed deals. White Widow, Super Skunk, Blueberry, AK47. It was like High Times Cannabis Cup circa 1998. Not landrace but i think of these as classics from when i first discovered good buds. My buddy just got a sample of Durban Poison from a dispensary nearby. 100% Sativa listed 23.5% THCA from their lab :fire: I’d like to try something like that outside in the spring

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Hi Gary,

Thanks for your response. I am talking ANCIENT , 1970’s… A Thai Stick either knocked you down or locked you down. Cerebral, yet couch locked, then you stood up, then you sat down.

This site is hard to get used to. It does not help that I may have cruised the net, for about 29 years, I am essentially a luddite.

Thanks to all who have responded or just peaked in to look at the post.

I just realized I had a number of responses. Any east coaster about?

Any fests or general things happening in NYC area?