LED Lighting help

Hi everyone, So ive just started using a 1000 watt LED with growth, blood and cob lights on it with dimmers. Totaly new to LED so ive got my seedlings about 40 cm under it with just the Growth light turned on about 70%. Is this right then up more as they get bigger? When i change the light cycle to 12 hour do i then turn the Bloom and cob red lighting on? Sorry very basic stuff i just dont want to mess it up.

This is the light im using http://www.glebelighting.com/Ch/ProductView.Asp?ID=318

Yes during flower you want the red spectrum. I don’t have a dimmer but you could probably start at 50% and save on electricity and turn it up as they get bigger. Some people leave the bloom switch on for the whole grow, it’s really up to you. You will need it in flower though. I have mine off right now to try and manage the high temperatures I’m getting. @Sillouette

First I’ve seen of that one. If you have dimmers I would use to advantage just like @Noctis420 suggested. Dim it and lower it. I’m not sure of exactly where you should be with it, but watch plants and react to how they behave.

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