LED lighting for seedlings

Hi I am about to start a grow on a mowie wowie plant I have purchased a LED light that is purple and it has two switches, and one of the switches are for vegetation and the other flower I was wondering if I could use that light for the seedlings stage or if I’d have to purchase a whole new light setup? And if I can use it how high should it be on the plant and how many hours a day?

18/6 12/12 will induce flowering when mature.

I would only recommend this light for veg. For flowering I would recommend a better light for better yield. This one will grow as long as you know it won’t grow a huge yield.

So can I use the LED while it’s a seedling I am still germinating the seeds hopefully the pop soon so I can get them planted but I only have a LED light do I need to buy a different one?

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It will work for veg fine possibly. Blurple are notorious for being underpowered. I recommend something like HLG lighting. What size space are you growing in? I can recommend a light for seed to harvest.

It’s a smaller grow box we are going to get a bigger one when it starts to grow right now it’s a pretty small area.

What size would be the ideal space you’re thinking about in the future?

With the LED light how high should I keep it from the seedling?