Led light height for seedlings

Hi ppl . Was wondering if I could get some info on lighting . Am looking to know how close my 300w LED ( actual watt 145+5%) light ) should be away from my seedling . Is it as close as possible (do the hand test if it’s to hot for your hand its to hot for the plant) and then work up .or start 40"away and work down. Its only one seedling am doing and its autoflower.

Thanks in advance


This is for meizhi 300w. Maybe will help you :wink::+1:


So with this one it’s work your way down apossed to working your way up. It there a reason as to way that’s the case.

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Ya, the lower the light is the higher the light intensity will be. The small immature plants can’t handle as much, but when your plant is flowering you want the higher intensity to induce greater rate of photosynthesis.


Aaah okay . Makes sense then. so the guild that was sent over is the way forward then work your way down. when the plant gets bigger it can handle more light . Just out of curiosity what would happen if the light was keep at 15"/ 20" away at seedling stage. when it should be 30"to 40"


You can burn your seedlings :wink:, also you need to measure the distance between top of the plant and light source


With proper ventilation and air movement, I am able to get my Meizhi to within a few inches of the flowering bud sites without damaging them. I think the guidelines are very liberal and I’d suggest starting at 16" with the seedlings if only using the veg switch and 20" if using both.


Depends on the light, the plant, and the environment. You can run cfl’s down pretty much right on top of just about any seedlings. But people are bleaching buds with cobs inside of 18”. Some plants are definitely a little more light tolerant than others, and things like temp and humidity can play a major part as well.

Due to all of those variables, I would absolutely agree that a lot of the recommended distances can be pushed. But as long as your plants aren’t stretching you don’t really stand to gain much by pushing them too hard.


Okay thanks for the info guys much appreciated. Will work my way down and control the stretching as best i can . Thanks again

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