LED light upgrade. Worth it or overkill?

I am just finishing up my first grow in a 2x2 tent. The light I currently have is a 150W led light. I think it is a Mars Hydro TS1000 but I’m not sure since I got it as part of a kit. I have attached a pic of the specifications if it helps though.

Is it worth it to upgrade the light in the tent or is it overkill? If it is worth it, what would you recommend. It seems like HLG are the brand to look at. I have checked out the HLG 200 diablo and HLG 225 but I’m not sure which of the two is better. Also they seem like they don’t have any UV or IR in their spectrum. Is that a limitation or does it not really matter? Are there better lights for my tent size in the market?

Also as any proud dad gotta share a pic of my babies

Happy growing!


Nothing wrong with a bigger light with a dimmer if it fits. As you fall in love with the grow your tent will grow also. If can afford it now might not then. I am a bird in hand guy…lol


Def be worth it. Shoot for something around 3 to 350w hell even the new Diablo 200 from hlg would kick ass better than that one use that light to veg plants before they go in the tent under more light. Mars is ok but u’ll see so mm inch better from better chips than mars uses


Look i run a 300 watt light in my 2×2×180 at the moment i have over 400watts in my tent i have two lights one is 150watt and the other 300watt


Definitely be worth it , light being the most important piece of equipment for indoor grow.


The same Mars light came with my tent and I used it for my first grow. Overall I was satisfied with the grow but the buds were very light and airy. The Mars light failed as I was preparing the tent for my second (current) grow. I replaced it with two HLG 135 R Specs and the difference is unbelievable. It may be a little overkill for a 2.3x2.3 tent, but the buds are very dense and hard as rocks now.


Mars hydro 354 knock off no name diodes. the HLG diablo has 666 301H diodes the H stands for horticulture the only diode specific to growing. the HLG has a detatchable mean well driver with a 15 ft. cord for mounting outside the tent for less heat build up.if you use the discount code Dude you save 20.00 bucks on the HLG .it is by far the better light at a better price.


First of WOW you got a full tent. Very good job. I feel like when dry and cure bud you Might idk but you will probably have some light airy buds, especially on those bottom branches. Any upgrade of light would help give you better light penetration, I am a HLG guy, customer service and efficiency are the 2 be things to me. That said I have a spiderfarm sfd-1000, and Viparspec xs-1500 both did there job, but not comparable to HLG light, but congrats looks like you are killing keep it up

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I have the same setup, came with the tent. I would definitely go for an upgrade to HLG. I did keep the Mars light and use it for seedlings and clones, which it works great for.

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Diablo 200 is sick, you can run it closer to your plants without burning them. I’d you don’t have much vertical height, every inch counts

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The Diablo is newer tech and better in every regard.

Does not matter, the little bit of UV or IR you see included in the cheaper chinese lights are often of the wrong spectrum or not enough of them to really matter. Most lighting experts will tell you they are wasted and the light would have been better off with just more white or red LEDs instead of the IR and UV LEDS used. Better to get separate standalone UV and IR lamps if desired.


It’s only spec’d to horticulture standards, meaning it’s data sheet lists output in ppf instead of lumens and horticulture specific characteristics. But it’s same exact led as lm301b.

Yup ^

Best info I’ve read in a while.

@Dur your ts1000 is fair for your space. You would likely see increase in production equal to cost of light on your first grow going to hlg or similar product.


I’m a bestva guy myself. For me it would be.
BESTVA Dimmable Pro4000 LED Grow Light Built in Samsung LM301H Diodes and MeanWell Driver Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for 6x6ft Coverage Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08PD5TL6Z/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_4Z79QSD7M0WQGMSSQAKH

It is 21x20 inches so wall to wall in a 2x2

Thank you so much this was very helpful. What do you think of the 260W QB® V2 Rspec LED Kit? Is it too big for a 2x2 tent or is having it wall to wall not a problem?

Not an issue having wall to wall. Hellraiser has covid, so I figured I’d chime in. Just watch your light intensity closer is all so you don’t burn them up. I downloaded photone app to monitor this.

HLG correct?

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You are correct I forgot to mention it is HLG. Do you need an additional sensor to monitor this or is your phone all you need?
Also, @Hellraiser hope you have a speedy recovery!


Can’t go wrong with HLG and I believe it will get great results for you in that space, just watch the intensity. Ya the photone app requires a sheet of plain white paper if on iphone, but I believe not if you’re on android (iphone user here).


A HLG 260W will barely fit and may touch the sides of the tent, it’s a bit much for a 2x2 but can work (it has a dimmer). If I was buying a new light for a 2x2, I’d go with the Diablo 200 which is still more light than you would ever need in a 2x2.


Can you handle the diablo?