Led light help!

just wondering on how to tell if you have a good led grow light im not sure if mine is good its a 300w 3w led’s no brand name or anything has an exhaust for extracting heat

Is there any way to check what the power consumption is?
Do you still have the box

@ThcinKC dont have the box the box was plain heres what it has on it

I bet that thing barley draws 100 watts what is your tent size or grow area size and are you going to stay with led or mh/hps or both

thats what i was thinking @ThcinKC my tent size is 40cmx40cmx120cm it holds one plant but in my room where i usually do 3 or 4 is a 100cmx60cmx180cm

input amps is 0.9-2.1

and probably stay with led

Get a hlg 132 quantum board for your tent

Try to get a Quantum Board that are highly recommended here and used by many. They are alot more expensive than the Burple types but if you compare the growth and productivity that these lights help the plants produce there is no question they are the ticket. Many here, myself included. will tell you that a quality light will be the best investment you can make. Search QB or Quantum Board above in the search bar and you will be able to read for days. I’m sure you could find a thread about your area size as well. Good Luck.


My QB was cheaper than most of the Blurple lights out there.

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If you really want to know the draw harbor freight sells kill a meter that you could plug into that will give you a good reading how much it’s pulling. But like everyone said those lights barely work for most grows. I have less than 200$ in my QB build and can vouch for how awesome they are.

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is there any cheaper alternatives? id prefer a range 300-800w but dont wanna spend more than 150aud so roughly 105usd can do roughly 150usd but couldnt find the hlg 132 quantum @ThcinKC and @Unkindtay @Verndoc

@ThcinKC @Unkindtay @Verndoc are any of these good? these fit my price range https://www.amazon.com.au/VIPARSPECTRA-Reflector-Spectrum-Indoor-Plants/dp/B07BDDQ3F9/ref=nav_ya_signin?ie=UTF8&qid=1552567271&sr=8-3&keywords=grow+light&

Ask @dbrn32
He can show you the hlg stuff as for me i would not buy any of those lights

Details on the light here maybe?


1.Model No.: GL-300W

2.Case color: Black

3.LED (Qty): 100pcs*3W

4.Wall draw Power: 80~100W(GL-300W)

5.Input Voltage: 100~240V AC

6.Wavelength: full Spectrum

7.Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

8.Led Factory: Bridgelux LED

9.Flux Lm: 6000lm

10.Lifetime: 50000hrs

11.Package Wight: 2.1KG

12.Product Size: 31021060mm

13.Package Size: 400257115mm

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@Bogleg that looks right except mines white

I have 2 450 w dimmable viparspectras they work great for veg

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I commented in other thread

There’s a ton of threads on LED lights, helps searching too. The ones you linked aren’t
Much different than what you have right?

Everyone tags @dbrn32 in every lighting thread but the answer can quickly be found.


No they arent to different so yes and the forum search wont work for me and google hasnt been my friend i cant find much info