LED grow light ropes

I have a nice 4x4 closet with plenty of LED light from the top. But, we all know this light source is flawed in that it only gives the plants light from an even canopy across the top. The sun penetrates and distributes light everywhere, so I want it to get as much sidelight as possible too. Therefore, I’m contemplating grow light ropes for the middle and corners of the room.

First, does anyone have recent experience using LED grow ropes?

Second, what are the best to use? There are different types out there. All seem to be blurple lights, but I have seen that some have 1 light per row and up to 5 lights per row.

Is it worth adding the lights for the cost? I also see the cost can be quite different depending on the type of ropes bought.

I reject the premise that LED lights are flawed, compared to the sun. The sun doesn’t make uniquely penetrative photons. It just puts out a ton of them. An indoor LED grow can deliver a steady output of one spectrum, which is advantageous for cannabis. The only major downside is that the sun is free (for now), and lights and electricity cost money.

Side-lighting is, IMHO, a waste of time.


Both statements I agree with. Plants do not absorb photons from bottom of leaves so down light is the most efficient. LED ropes are low output and plant won’t really notice them with other lights on. If you really want to improve the grow; upgrade lights to top of the line diodes. Reduces power consumption and increases yields across the board.


I didn’t even register that we were talking about rope lights. I read it as light ropes, aka ratchet hangers.


Decision made. No rope lights needed. Thank you everyone! Thread can be deleted now. Thanks again!

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