Leaves turning yellow with brown spots sorry if I did this twice

What should I try been indoors I figured I’d try to bring him outside and see if that helps it

@Bigtime I’m in no way an expert, matter if fact I’m a beginner myself but looks to me like maybe cal mag deficiency, I’m not sure bringing her outside was the best idea as you now have to worry about bugs and stuff potentially infecting her, which in return will infect the rest of your crop if you have more, but more ppl will be able to better answer your questions, um just stating my 2 cents, OR you may already have a pest on your hands.

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@Bigtime what’s wrong with her stem, was it broken then repaired? I see what looks to be a clamp if some sort, or are you already training?

What kind of soil are you in? That almost looks like red pine mulch. There are some pretty big pieces in it and it doesn’t appear to have anything like perlite to allow better draining. Pardon me if I’m totally freaking off.

It’s planted in Miracle Grow found out that wasn’t a good thing until I got on this forum went down today and got some Happy Frog May transplant no pH meter yet wait for it

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Planted in Miracle Grow found out that was a bad thing after getting on this form took off like Jack and the Beanstalk just using that to keep it up fall over

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Just really seems to be on the top the leaves and just barely notice it underneath they sure did like the natural Sun

@Covertgrower can you give this guy an idea what’s wrong with his leaves?

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I would wait until we get a verification of PH before we take any steps. The top leaves look good, it appears the issue may have corrected itself after you transplanted it. I’m not sure how mow growth you have has between transplant and post miracle no soil.


Gotcha. Ya that pH meter is gonna be one of your best friends. I was about one or two waterings away from totally killing my plants.

Haven’t transplanted this one yet transplanted a few of the smaller 1 woke up this morning and had brown spots just seems to be on the top you can barely even notice on the bottom but I am planning on transplanting them if the ones I did today survive the one with the spots is Miracle Grow soil I understand that’s a bad thing once I got on this form but will be transplanting shortly and Happy Frog

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@Bigtime bro REMEMBER who @Covertgrower is bud, and tag him WHENEVER you run into a situation your not sure how to address, I promise if he can’t get ya through it, he’ll figure out who can, but 9 times outta 10 he’s got it, he’s MY MAIN go to, about ANY and ALL issues!!

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miracle grow aint all that bad if you can find the happy environmental medium. testing run off while in MG is pointless i find. @Bigtime

5.8 pH got to raise it up a little bit now I got my meter we’ll go from there is there any certain type of ph I should be using

Ph up any particular brand

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General hydro from Amazon…cheap

never done any of that ph stuff yet. im still in miracle grow. all i do is allow my water to sit out for at least. 24hrs. i have my ph pen available but haven’t used it yet. wating till im out of the land of miracle gro.

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Small round spots for back again pH 6.5 going in 5.5 coming out flush it with straight water Bush doctor soil newts fox farm grow big and Cal Mag half dosage indoor grow do take them outside during the day save on the damn electric bill just can’t figure why the spots came back been doing great for a while it is only 12 in tall blue dream plant