Leaves showing light discoloration & rust colored spots

  • What strain - GG auto
  • Method: Soil - Pot4Pot SuperbSoil
  • Vessels: Pots - 5 gal cloth
  • PH of Water - 6.5 - no run off
  • PPM/TDS - NA
  • Indoor - 3x3x6 tent
  • Light system - Mars Hydro TSW 2000 - 18/6 @ 18”
  • Temps; Day - avg 76; night - avg 66
  • Humidity; Day - 40% , Night - 30%
  • Ventilation system; Yes - 6” exhaust & 4” intake in addition 8” oscillating fan
  • Humidifier & dehumidifier (humidifier only currently)
  • Co2; no

Discovered blotchy coloring on a couple of leaves 2 days ago. This morning I found a few small dark spots on them.
This discovery followed a period of 5 days of not watering after learning that I had more than likely been overwatering from my start.
Plants are 16 days above ground. Any and all insights and advice is deeply appreciated. Thank you in advance! image|666x500

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Looks fine to me. If you’re spraying or misting them stop. Grow on :wink:

Thank you for your response. No misting. :peace_symbol:

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Don’t worry about the blotching unless it spreads.

In the future always take pictures with lights off flash on we can’t see your plants color due to your grow light changing the image tone.

Looks health and at that age in soil it won’t have any deficiencies. Probably week 3 or 4 it will start being hungry.

@Nicky thanks again!

Your welcome
Tag me anytime @ Nicky

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