First Time Grower Needing Assistance!

Auto plant is ending week nine. I flushed the plant last weekend after noticing the tips curling up due to maybe nute burn. But after doing some research it may be lacking PK, have not found a pk booster yet. I’m now seeing spots on leaves and lower leaves changing color. Upper leaves seems to be a lot lighter compared to other leaves. Should I worry?

Lighting Source/Power (Wattage): Mars Hydro TS1000 (set to 75%)

Grow Area Size: 2.3x2.3

Canopy Temperature: 70-75° F

Canopy Humidity: 45-50

Growing Medium: FFOF

Nutrients used: fox farm trio

Per gallon
Calmag - 2 ml
Big Bloom - 2 ml
Grow Big - 0 ml
Tiger Bloom - 4 ml

Feed pH: 6.3-6.5

Feed ppm: after flush, 200-300 ppm

Strain(s): gorilla glue auto

How often/much do you water? Everyday, 1.6 L every day. (This is till I noticed the discoloring. I know water about every 2-3 days)

Pot Size: 5 Gal


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I am not great with identification of deficiencies but I will tag in a few growers that can help @PurpNGold74 @kellydans @Nicky

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Here are current photos as of this morning.


That’s a really low PPM feed to follow a flush. Don’t let her get to hungry

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Your ladies look great! At 9+ weeks your lovely, lush vegetation is going to start looking like crap. That’s just life. The tip burn as you said is from nutes. That just means you have been pushing the limits and that is good. Possible you may have a slight calcium/ magnesium def. Easily addressed with upping the cal-mag. (really hard to overdose cal-mag)
I notice you have a regular water/feed schedule. My best results have been wet/dry cycle without relying on specific time/schedule. Also are you getting runoff when you water? With FoxFarms, it is important to avoid salt build up. 20% runoff minimum is recommended as well as occasional flushes with plain water.


I spaced on that info…DUH. Yeah, your soil is probably getting depleted now and may need to up the dosage. Shoot for 800 or more ppm.


Welcome to the community? Currently which FF nutes are you using in flower? Flowering stage will require less N and more PK. Burnt leaf tips are normal for the FFOF, that probably started during seedling and is no harm. Flushing also depleted a lot of your supplemental nutrients. I would up the calmag to 5ml and start with adding epson salt. Most cal deficiencies are accompanied by magnesium (epson salt) will help. I would top feed some beneficial bacteria, medium and plants have used most of it and the flush washed some away. Recharge is a great source for this. :love_you_gesture:


Thanks for the tag @JaneQP Overall plant looks pretty good. After the flush I would definitely get back on my feeding schedule and also add some Cal-Mag. Follow up by checking PH an PPM runoff . You still have Several weeks to finish up , and plant is starting to look a little hungry. Good luck @ThatGuyMuck


Did you feed the plant after flushing?

There is one thing i can tell you if u want to give ur plants a pk boost make a banana and cucumber skin tea it is high in potassium and phosphorus


I figured it was too low. I’m assuming to raise it is to add more feeding?


Indeed. On a plant flowering your be looking to runoff above 800. More feed in = higher ppm runoff. Shoot for around 15% of what you pour in to runoff to avoid the salt buildups mentioned above