Leaves of Blueberry Muffin curled like ferns?

Main questions. Is it the heat? Will the flowers recover or will be changed.?

So I been having catapillar disaster and removed loads and then sprayed next day with BT in the night. I might have gone over board spraying because I didn’t want to miss a bit and never used it before.

Next day it is very hot in the Polytunnel and I go in to find one of the Blueberry Muffins with it’s leaves all fried and rolled like a fern.

This happened before with a Gorilla Zkittles Auto I was growing.

Am I right in thinking this is where the plant gets too hot and this happens?

I hope the flowers recover?? Seems pretty brutal.

Here is a pic of the other blueberry muffin unaffected


Definitely looks like a heat issue


I know it can get overwhelmingly hot in my greenhouse even on cloudy days…

To my eye it looks like a combination burn from the pesticide treatment and the heat. Even plain water on the leaves can cause burning and curling if the heat is up. In my experience they will not recover.

Strange that one pheno exhibits damage while the other is fine. Could it have been still wet when the sun came up?


It could of still been wet when the sun came up. Maybe I didn’t shake that one as well.

When you say it won’t recover you mean the buds will be fried too and won’t continue to grow?


@Daniel_S the affected leaves might not recover. I agree with a mixture of heat and pesticides. Could also have a lil ph issue too. Watch the new growth and see how it looks.


As @ChittyChittyBangin says, the leaves won’t recover but the plant should power on! Good luck growmie!


@ChittyChittyBangin @StickyFrostyBuds so the plant didn’t die but took a big stress hit so some of the buds look fryed but some has new growth so at least there will b something I can use. I have another blueberry muffin that is doing fine and looks amazing. The BT spray works a dream. Not sure when I should spray next though? I will use the stressed to make hash or rosin or something.

Here’s s pic of how the healthy the other Blueberry muffin looks.