Will overheated plant survive

Left a friend to watch a plant an he left a heater on to close to them smh, will it recover it’s all wilted an looks dried up in flowering stage :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Has it been fead or watered since you’ve returned :love_you_gesture:

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Just water an spritz

Doesn’t look promising to me.

Might. Not all leaves dead.

So how does it look today?

It may, but it doesn’t look promising.

Don’t spray plant once you have flower sites. They can hold moisture and cause rot. If you haven’t already give pot a good watering or feeding and hope for the best.


This is what she look like now… :rage::sob: should I just leave it or let it go?


Soldier on. She looks like she will finish. Take off the dead and crispy leaves.

Don’t give up the ship, just yet.
Need the space?
Let her live until you do.
She could be spanked hard with a topping and just left to recover from both traumas.
Alternatively, a third trauma would include removing for harvest most buds leaving the desired shape for the next grow and re-vegetate her.
We can be both surprised and pleased with strange experiments.
Either way, Smoke some before execution.

I have a clone hat looks like that.
Last night I took the top bud for hang/dry/smoke testing/tasting.

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Thanks for all the input guys, I’m gonna let her carry on.

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