Leaves missing?

1000w hps in soil. Don’t know what’s causing it, but the leaves are gone halfway down. To be clear, the ones that look cut are not. The one with some short leaves and some long are what I caught half way. Any ideas? These are 2 sativas and 1 indica

Looks bug eaten. Do you use any kind of pest prevention?


It’s going to be a large pest. Grasshopper, caterpillar, etc.Do you have a cat or dog that can access the plant?


could be damage from a fan. Do you have a fan in your tent? Just saying.


True. Fan causing them to run against the mylar.

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*rub against the mylar

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I know it’s not from rubbing against the Mylar, because it’s on all sides, not just the side near the walls. Thanks!

I do have cats, but the plants are over 5 ft tall, and it’s in various places. They look almost perfectly straight across, as if they had been cut, which I know they haven’t. Would insects eat them like that?

So there’s no where for them to reach that high? Cats like to eat the tips for some reason.

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Not to be dumb but it just happened recently and isn’t from being topped. Absolutely can be cat lol or caterpillar damage. Bugs won’t stick to one leaf lil buggers… can’t see nothing on them huh. Didn’t just come from outside or a freind? Just to cover obvious

LoL…just the tips huh Bobby…lol


Lol, taking more than the tip gags them.


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That’s what she said.