Leaves browning on blue dream

I have attached several pictures of my blue dream 5 weeks into flowering. She has developed some browning on the edges of some of her leaves… all my other girls are still perfectly green…any ideas what this could be?

Looks like nitrogen toxicity. I would back off the nitrogen based fertilizers for a week or 2. Are you monitoring PPM?


Could it be the opposite? Lack of nitrogen? I read , I think here that blue dream is one of the strains that needs nitrogen more than other strains during flower…

Very doubtful. The symptoms of nitrogen toxicity are dark leaves (sometimes waxy) and burned tips, both of which are present. A lack of nitrogen would present as yellowing among newer growth. Strain has little to do with it from a nitrogen uptake perspective. Cannabis is cannabis.

The best way to manage nute levels is to manage PPM.


I do manage the ppm about 1800 - 2000 at feeding

That is too high, particularly if it is an auto. Soil, coco, or hydro?

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Combo 1 perlite 2 soil 5 coco

Photo not auto

Okay. Autos can be more sensitive to nutes.

Your runoff PPM should be ~1,000 PPM.


It is around 900 pretty consistently…

FWIW: soil and coco grows are managed differently. It’s best to pick one and stick with it.

All my other girls look great, so far… this is my first grow so really kind of experimenting :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

Different phenotypes can respond differently to varying environmental factors. It seems you’ve got one that seems to be sensitive to nitrogen levels.

No need to worry, just back off the nitrogen a bit. You have burned tips, but it’s no reason to be alarmed.


I have been given that advice by another person here, but my local buddy says because of our extremely dry climate where we live the little bit of soil helps the coco retain some moisture. I struggle to get any decent humidity levels at all… maybe will try just coco next grow, bu again experimenting :joy::joy::joy:

And please!!! Open to all advice​:heart::heart::heart:

Maybe not a bad idea, but there are significant differences in a soil and a coco grow.

Coco must be watered daily and not allowed to dry out, as coco becomes hydrophobic when it dries out, meaning that it is a challenge to get coco to absorb water after it dries out.

Soil should be left to dry out between waterings or the grower risks root rot. Cannabis in soil prefers wet/dry cycles.

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Ok thank you. I have been Working so super hard at nurturing my girls and am so close to th e finish that it would be awful to screw them up now…

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Yes, and good work it is. Overall they are very healthy.

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@MidwestGuy gave you some solid pointers! I would add that like mentioned mixing mediums can be a PH challenge with both having different PH levels. Looking good otherwise.

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