Issue with Blue Dream leaves

Hello everyone, my ladies (Crtical 2.0, Cream and Cheese, Blue Dream, OG Kush and Chemdog) have officially entered week 3 and I decided to call it their first official week of veg. There unfortunately seems to be an issue with the leaves of the Blue Dream, as they have developed some discoloration and even some hefty brown spots here and there.



Interestingly enough, she is the only gal who this is happening to. I have been following the FF hydro feeding schedule at 1/4 strength for about a week with the basic FF Trio, and had just moved to 1/2 strength in nutes last night after deciding to move from the seedling feeding, to week 1 of veg feeding. I also dose every watering/feeding with about 1 mL of Camg (house brand CalMag) but had moved up to 2 mL with last nights feeding. Each plant was receiving 200 mL of water per feed/flush, but was moved up to 300 mL about 4 days ago (which was strictly a Camg watering, no feeding) which is when I noticed the issue arise on the leaf. With last nights feeding, I decided to feed the Blue Dream the same 1/2 nute strength as the others, but only at 200 mL as opposed to 300 like the others recieved.

I have these ladies in solo cups and the medium is a home blend of Coco (home buffed), Pearlite and EWC. I have only been hitting them with Big Bloom and Grow Big as the chart instructs, their water pH is about 5.9~6.1 every feeding/watering.

Temp inside my grow tent may have been a contributing factor as weather here in AZ has been all over the place in the recent week and my tent is in a non-air conditioned/heated detached garage, but I’ve made every effort to lock in on a RH of 66 and a temp of 77-80 degrees F according to the VPD chart in my possession.

I appreciate any and all help, as this is my first official coco grow, but I’m really loving it!

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I’m unsure but it’s interesting how it’s starting from the bottom node up. I’d like to hang about and hear what others offer. :+1:t2:

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Right?? It hasn’t moved up at all and only is affecting the bottom fan leaves surprisingly! No problem:)

Hello @Mastapluck, I’ve grown in a Coco mix (MotherEarth CocoPeat) and I’ve done a flush every once in awhile. Have some questions that might help myself or others.

Do your solo cups have drainage holes?

How often do you water/feed them?

What’s your light schedule?

How old are they since popping?

In my opinion, I’m guessing they could be root bound. In the pass, I’ve popped seeds and put then in rockwool then placed into 1 gallon plastic pots so they were able go longer between transplants. My GG4 seeds are in solo cups with drainage holes. I hope that’ll help you solve your problem.

Have you checked the run off when you feed or water sense you are in coco i assume youre feeding daily and to me honestly this almost reminds me of over watering i know it sound funny especially running in coco but it can happen from time to time