Leave the leafs or not for harvest

arit ive read 2 different articals and one says hang flower upside down and cut the leafs off and the othere says to leave the leafs on because it protects the flower what should i do this is gonna be my first harvest i got a good 3-5 weeks left but im trying to know everything n to have everything prepared for when the day comes

You have to decide for yourself. This is a matter of personal choice. Try it both ways.

if i take the leafs off what percuations should i take to prevent mold? like should i get one off thoese dehumity bags that keeps the moisture out of the air and is it true the the flowers are more potient if u do keep the leafs on for the first few days off harvest

I’ve cured a number of plants, only got mold one time and that was because the room they were drying in was my laundry room and when I had to go away for a couple of weeks, the dryer pulled away from the wall and the vent tube got disconnected. I put an AC unit in the room now and have my little mini dry bucket going. (I made a small dry chamber out of two sterlite plastic bins and a couple of compute fans. Seem to work pretty good for small stuff, which is all I do any more.

The part about keeping the leaves on or taking them off. I really don’t think it adds that much to the potency if you leave the big fan leaves on, but I never trim the leaves that are “stuck inside” the buds. It’s too much like work and they fall off anyway when I pick the budlets off and put them into my jars.

However, I have been wrong before, I’ll bet somebody here knows the answer for sure.

If you keep air circulating; you will not get mold

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