Leafs dying on buds

Is it normal for the leaves to be dying on the buds


How long into flowering?
By the look of your pistils ,they are mostly white I think it is too early for them to be dying.
I am only beginner but I think there is something wrong.
This is my Super Skunk at five weeks into flowering.

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I didn’t start off well. I didn’t have proper lighting, didn’t have lights close enough to plants…etc. one plant the pistils are about 50% amber, the other is around 40%, and then the others are all white. I’m growing white widow auto flower

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How old are they from seed?
It is normal for leaves to die late into flowering.

12-14 weeks

You should be OK I think because it is late flowering stage.

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I’m seeing signs of heat stress. How close is your light to the top of your plant canopy? Lower fan leaves will turn yellow and die off naturally and you can you remove those. I would remove all the burnt dead leaves, also looks like a serious potassium deficiency :love_you_gesture:

My light is about 13-14 inches from top of tallest plant, the lights as high as it can go. Tallest plant is about 4ft tall.

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Looks like a natural thing ro me ur plant is coming to the end of its life its slowly dying

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Should I not worry too much then? One plant the pistils are 60% amber, one is about 40% but the others the pistils are all white.

you are looking for amber in the Trichomes, NOT pistils.

Do you have any info on grow medium, nutrients, watering, daily temperature range, humidity?

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Still a lot of pistils showing, those will recede back into the bud. I’m thinking you’re about 2 weeks out from harvest maybe 3. You can remove those light support cables and use zip strips, I’ve had to do it several times. As @BrynieBear asked, feeding, conditioning, run off numbers to truly see what’s going on other than what’s been stated. I still would remove all those yellow and dead leaves, they’re doing more harm than good :love_you_gesture:

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I’ve been using the Ilgm flower time fertilizer and plant booster per, regular water in between. Watering about every 3-5 days. It gets really hot in the closet with the light on and humidity is around 80%. I keep the curtain slightly open to allow fresh air in where I have a small fan set up to circulate air, it’s also open at the top to allow excessive heat out.

80% is WAY too high. If i had to speculate when the light turns off the humidity is settling on the leaves. This could be the cause of your leaves. Are you growing “stealth”?

You’ll want to run an exhaust fan in or out of your closet to pull moisture out. The more airflow the better, Even during lights out.

Heat is less of an issue than humidity. Veg RH65%, Flower RH50%


Humidity will also ruin your buds, mildew and bud rot are a serious risk at high humidity


What does growing stealth mean? This is my first grow, after this one is done I am expanding my space and putting in an exhaust fan to have air going out that I’m putting in.

Growing in secret…

Got ya, I’d say yes. Indoor that only me and my wife know about.

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So I thought about this a bit last night. I reckon the heat and humidity are building up during the day. The lights go off and the heat drops. The humidity then settles on your fan leaves. Then your lights come on in the morning and it gets magnified by the water on the leaves cooking them, I cant be certain because im not there.

If you dont want to get ventilation or a dehumidifier for this grow, you can hang socks filled with rice from the roof of your closet. The rice should absorb at least a little of the moisure our of the air.

Ventilation is an investment, better grow conditions = more harvest/yield = less money spent at the dispensary. in a 2x2 space $1000 yield is pretty easy under decent conditions.


My humidity goes between 60% to 80% daily. Not an issue where I live at in South Texas Coastline. It works great for me and my plants are accustomed to this.

Now for others it could be a total dumpster fire. I need get updated photos tonights. The flowers are fat. :+1: