Help, leafs dying

My grow is out doors in a green house. Every plant is developing a burn on the leafs and it’s spreading fast. Every plant is in there 3 weeks of flowering so I don’t want to lose my crop this late in the game.
I have booth A/C’s going full and the inside temp is around 80 F with 80% humidity. Direct sun and the temp was 105 yesterday. Only using fox farms Tiger Bloom

Any suggestions

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The leaves will start to yellow naturally toward mid flower. Eventually, they will die off, but this is the plant eating itself which is a good thing. It’s possible you have something else going on, so I’d wait for others to chime in and see what they say.

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I had this happen week 3 of flowering, are you in FFOF?

I’m to in my 3rd week of flowering. Is this suppose to happen with White Widow auto flower.

Leaves die off naturally on all MJ plants. They start to eat themselves because you’re no longer adding nitrogen to their diet, so they take it from the fan leaves. However, i think it is a little early for this to be happening.

You need to up you’re feeding of PK and make sure you’re PH is in the right place. I found that to be my issue.

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When I see the description and pic I immediately think “80% humidity in a greenhouse? That’s fungus central”.

I hope you have circulation fans PLUS the airco because you’ll need a LOT of air circulation to prevent Leaf Spot Fungus. If you don’t have the circulation, that could be the issue with that humidity because I had LSF on lower RH than that, just with a lack of air circulation.


First off whats, your ph going in and ph of run off if you have checked it. Those 2 values will give you a good idea if you have a problem. Did you feed your plants with FF nutes all the way? FF nutes do build up salts. @raustin @anon35207245 both have excellent points also. We all need more info to really help out

My fan leaves are doing something similar. Im assuming its leaf septoria & have sprayed with dr earth twice & it seems to be disappearing.bc315fd838374d76d73e834f270a89e653544664_1_666x50011494742e7cc4bb28a112af1f60fa28f9cad173f_1_375x500

Not leaf seporia. Imo it’s a lockout issue of P or K I havent figured out which one yet. I cured my issue by making sure my ph meter was recalibrated and flushing with with a light nute solution. Then feeding a higher dose of PK

Mine looked like that then developed to this

They look bronze from the eye but under a jewelers loupe, they are purple.