Leaf Issue with Small Faded Parts

A few of my leaves turned this way in 24 hours. I had crappy lights until yesterday and just installed Spiderfarmer sf-4000 about 20" above. My lux meter said around 56,000. Could it still be light burn or is it a nutrient issue?

Check underneath for bumps or bugs?

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Nothing there.

Reminds me of this, keep an eye on the leaves

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I have had mites before. I see nothing on any of them. This has happened in the 24 hours since installing my spider farmer sf-4000. Bacteria, fungi, or virus happen that fast? I grew from seed, use distilled water, and have them in fox farm happy frog soil. I have added no nutrients yet. I was going to trasnplant them in next week into larger pots with fox farm ocean forest soil.

Just what it makes me think of when I saw it, I haven’t a clue what it’s from

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Something I didn’t consider because I have had really crappy lights until now. I just watered however. I have never been carefull with it not getting water on the leaves. Not saying that is it, just a possibility.

You should introduce the brighter light slowly. Turn it down for a few days and gradually turn it back up. I wouldn’t be surprised if a cal-mag deficiency shows up in a couple days from shocking the plants.

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The amount of light a plant receives is very closely related to the amount of nutrients it will need. Better quality lighting means it will need more nutrients to increase production and take full benefit of the light.

Looks like a a calcium deficiency, which probably started a few weeks ago and the new light has sped up the process and is now showing signs.

Do you have any cal-mag? If not, I’d get some asap and start using it.

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