Late Summer Squashed into 2

I started the first plant (IGLM’s Skywalker OG)
July 29. This is her Now. She is a sole survivor of a dozen seeds germinated.

next up
This is a (ILGM MK ULTRA)
She is only a week old but was hardy enough to withstand outdoor pest and not die off.
So the plan on these 2 are to veg. outdoors into the flower season then allowed to mature under lights. Goal is to again hit 4.5 ft. Or better prior to cold cycle. I believe I can get 2 nice tall plants.


Current update facing changing outdoor environment

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Sorry it’s been so long but road work has me out away from base.

here are the girls much more advanced stage of growth these are older pics

As visible the Skywalker stalled out into one cola. Sucks!!
The MK Ultra did better by trying to branch. Only a foot or more in height. Not large at all. MK Ultra has heavy gas smell it’s going to be a knock out. Buds are juicy and I will post updated shots the weekend. Good luck fellow growers. This was an outdoor grow in late season that went into Bud way too early. I will be happy with 2 oz.

This is it harvested a bit early but I really wanted to get this plant out the way for the next grow

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What you see is the result of a late season outdoor plant that went into bud a month after germination.

This season outdoor grow.

BlackBerry Kush. La Confidential. MK Ultra. 2 Skywalker OG.
Outdoors truly reflects strain phenotype.
Relatively small because there were a few steps I skipped because I started late in season.
ILGM product descriptions are precise. Fed these plants sparingly in small pots and I am not surprised by current progression. I’m a little worried about ordering now being in the dumbest country right now. So I hope someone can reassure me all is well on that end. So my comparison results are as follows.
Indoor grow
Controlled environment.
Limited space

Outdoor grow
Uncontrolled environment
Seasonal situations
Both grows have benefits.
SCROG indoor
Natural attributes outdoor

They are getting ready.

This is with flash on same bud.

Not quite there yet, this year I spaced plants 3 weeks apart. And all look accordingly. Very pleased with ILGM for outdoor grow as well.

Maybe a pound. Much smaller than my indoor grows. But buds are gigantic.
No clones all seed all photo.

Do you see a BOM in there?