Outdoor Grow Need some advise

I started this girl with skywalker seed from ilgm 3/2/2023. I am stumped at what she is doing with her new leaves. If anyone can help, it would be much Lu appreciated! I’ve already put down mosquito bits, and corn meal. Thank you in advance for any help!


Looks to me like you are in reveg need some more information type of plant how you started them if you start them in doors and put them out to early they will start to flower and as the days get longer they start to veg again I hope I’m wrong


It is a skywalker og seed from ilgm. I started in the soil in February, she came up in early March. She has started flowering, I was thinking because she only gets about 8 hrs of sunlight a day. That has increased probably 45 minutes a day. So you might be right. I have another girl pretty close to her that is og kush from ilgm that is flowering without any issues. Only nutes I’m using is hollytone every two or three weeks. This kinda confirms for me not to grow outside!

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I start my plants indoors in April and plant them outside in the end of May when the days get longer than 14 hours planting them earlier is risky. I don’t know where your located I’m assuming the US since your using holly tone. Let me tag in one of big outdoor growers @HippieRunner1 like I said hope I’m wrong @AL_GREEN

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@dirtydave I feel that you are 100% correct. It’s kinda hard to tell from the photo. The plant is very clustered and has a lot going on. It dose look like it started to flower and now is trying to transition back into a vegetative state.
In my past experiences this can really hinder flower production come harvest.

Man those sky walkers sure do have a unique peace style. :slight_smile:

Happy farming…

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Thank you! Just gonna let go se what it does and learn.

I’m in southern central Tx. The backyard is covered by the next door neighbors very tall pine trees. So the max amount of sun ever is probably 9 hrs. If that makes a difference. Thank you both for your responses!

Wow yeah those are some funky leaves…Im thinking its on the genes…the phenos of that particular strain?

Here are some better pics of those crazy looking girls.

Also part of the plant is normal looking. Scratching my head!

Ok guys, after researching I have found that this is a virus. It curls the leaves, stunts the growth, and the flower. It can be spread by,
White flies, aphids, spider mites, and any other canna pests. There isn’t a cure, so not really anything that can be done. So this one is heading to the trash!

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