“A little overkill?”

Yes my gloves are white and STICKY. I’ve learned to hold the stem a lot more. Lol. My garage is FULL and I have three still in the ground. My buddie said,”A little overkill Ger!” ILGM seeds on steroids.
Time to get trimming again

I will get a better pic later


Love it.

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Me too! Still have 3 and 3/4 plants in the greenhouse! I had some blocking the greenhouse cover from closing so I havested some.

So far 3 screens or 24 square feet of buds!


How’s it all going ger with your harvesting.
Drying trimming and curing @Gerant

And Burping,
Well I have 48 jars right now and still have the Maui to jar up and some blackberry so it is GOING rather well considering. The weather has changed and I had to bring some inside verses in the garage. They are almost ready to jar too so it should be okay. Thanks for your help and thank you to all who gave me suggestions and tips. They certainly worked.


still amazing I’ve loved watching your grow. So glad you got it all in without anyone helping themselves.
Jars and jars and jars of it.
What you gonna do with it all?
What size are your jars,?
Happy burping.
Thanks for the update

They are quart jars I am going to have to weigh one to see what I got. I have no idea how much dry weight but when wet it was super heavy and smelled “out of this world.” Wow the “Sea of Green” did well.
They are tasty and potent. I love them and their different buzzes.
Still have some Blackberry Kush to trim but I just gotta take a break three weeks plus of two to three hours a day.
Can’t wait till next summer. Hehehe
Thanks to all who helped, I learned a lot.