Last question on coco coir guys i swear

should i go 70/30 or 60/40 whats the best mixture i decided on the FoxFarm Cultivation Nation 70/30, Coconut Coir & Perlite origionally off our last conversation on coco as itll just be easier for it to be premixed but deciding on the premix amount now ty again.

If you are doing manual watering the 70-30 will be fine.
If doing an automatic watering system it maybe different. AutoPot recommends a 50-50 mix. This is to increase the air in the root zone, since the bases of the containers set In liquid constantly.

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If not in a autopot…100% coco unless u love watering lol, this way u can feed once a day for most of the grow, with perlite its twice a day minimum unless u got small plants in big pot.

if i go straight coco id then need to buy nutrients correct ??

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You’re gonna be to buy nutrients either way. With coco you feed every time. Minimum once a day.

Measure input and measure runoff these numbers will tell you all you need to know

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Ya id skip the coco loco and go to straight coco. Feed daily.

ok yeah so do i add jacks 321 to the coco coir or whats best to add i figured if i went straight coco id need to add worm castings and bat gauno maybe jacks 321 or something in it aswell ??

From what I have read. Some manufacturers of premixes will put a little bat crap and worm castings in their coco mixes. This is not to feed the plants, but it is to get some microbe growth in the root zone started. These will help if you are feeding with organic nutrients. I don’t think these additions would help much with Jacks in coco.

I would just follow the jacks schedule, add nothing else to the medium. The mixing order is Part A epsom salt Part B. Ph to 5.8-6.3. Try to keep your input and runoff about equal in ppm.

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You could add that stuff, there is alot of different ways. Ultimately you need to decide which method suits you. I would suggest straight coco with daily feedings with the jacks. When u add worm castings and other things like bat guano etc, u are changing the style of grow. Imo to get the most benefit of coco, keep it soiless. Only thing to add if anything is perlite, and to fertigate daily, preferably 2x on a water system.