Last Place plant of summer?


Looks like it’s dying


Did it frost where you are @Sutton?

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O yeah, - 10 C for few days lol she’s done

You never know until you try!


Should try and reveg if for next year ? Lol hits -50 c here sometimes.

Chop it down and turn it all into concentrate buddy.
I’ve made shatter with grain alcohol and I’ve followed leafly/royal Queen’s guide last time making a Mason jar full of cannabutter (made cookies, I suggest use half cannabutter and half becel so they arnt super killer strong and still soft)

Good to see your active here still man, what did you grow out doors strain, I assume it’s non autoflower? And what did you grow it in?

We had a terrible summer I know, but next year I’m going to run white widow auto and northern lights auto outdoors.
Going to try a couple methods and see what works best, some in pots on the deck, some straight in the ground (going to dig a bit up and put some ffof/perlite in the hole) as well as I plan to get a greenhouse.

Haven’t really seen any greenhouses I like so I may just build my own with wood, clear roof panels and whatevry doors/windows / glass panels I can find at habitat for humanity.
Glass will be alot better then any plastic.

Our seasons so short you need to grow autos man and after doing some research on what works in cold weather and what is a good sativa/indica this is my short list.

Northern lights auto
Critical auto
Quick one auto (chill)

Hybrids: royal AK auto

White widow auto
Island Sweet skunk auto

Although I hear you really have to remember to use a greenhouse right and remember to open it up often otherwise you built and use a hot house.

Poor baby…I suggested this on another thread if growing outdoor have them in pots where you can move them to safety.

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Not trying to be a dick here but glass is not superior to opaque light diffusion greenhouse poly! That stuff is the bomb. I got enough to cover 2- 20 foot by 12 high greenhouses for 350 bucks there abouts from northern greenhouse supply in Manatoba. Not sure if I can say that? I’m not affiliated with them in any way, just a customer.

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Hey bud, yeah I had 3 autos going. Lots then all to bud rot, had so much rain it never had a chance. Uploading: 50FEFDDD-2286-48C6-A059-0434E15CF280.png…

Uploading: A2EEBCAF-9AE8-4BFF-96FA-74E2CD18CA49.jpeg… Uploading: 6C1EC73E-DF45-4F29-8E3A-E1A082D06507.jpeg… Uploading: 1628744E-3A06-4D1C-9E5B-063461A91F01.png… Uploading: 5ACDC478-E962-4E2E-871B-2A7B0EF2E03A.png… Uploading: 97E95553-9D19-4E0B-8477-199D87BAAEBE.png… Uploading: A4F44028-0308-473E-8794-1C2141A4289D.png… Uploading: 257FAC29-1491-4ED6-9A90-A4E3096B3996.png…

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Yeah I tried it before and brought bugs in my inside grow lol done with outdoors for now. Going to just beg one huge plant over the winter and toss it outside in the spring for another go.

You can buy PVC tubing and cheap poly, make a a super easy hoop house by driving rebar in the dirt. Under an hour and your plants will love you. That will keep them dry until first frost. Water less in the fall and you will be fine

I encourage a healthy constructive debate that’s how we all learn.
When I say glass is better than poly it’s really a blanket statement because there are so many variables in play.
Poly is light on the pocket but doesn’t hold up long term to weather it has to be replaced eventually where as glass doesn’t.
Getting cheap recycled glass from a 2nd hand place like habitat for humanity gives you the option to find double pain windows that will provide a better insulation value allowing your greenhouse to be used earlier and later in the year.
Some glass I would imagine does have better light penetration then some cheap poly we may find at a hardware store but not so much to specific greenhouse poly.

To be honest to start I would love a greenhouse that is made of good quality poly and metal frame that is nice and tall yet the right dementiojs to fit in my little Backyard spot, so I’ll check that and other places out but I’m just thinking I may need to build my own. I haven’t really done research on it yet as I have all winter and currently have my indoor expansion to focus on.

@sutton how did they get bud rot? Just humidity? Or did you open the roof up and let them get rained on?
Maybe lay a solid floor down even if it’s just a sheet of poly followed by plywood then toss a dehumidifier inside when the humidity raises up to much.
You need lots of air movement to avoid bud rot so if your humidity was high and there was not good air movement I’m sure it was bad.

Don’t feel bad I lost 3/4 of my crop to, I was bring them outside on nice days but then stuffed 4 plants in a 2 plant tent for to long when they were to big with to little airflow and boom bud rot.
Learned lol

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@Nicky Harbor Freight has some inexpensive greenhouses.

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That’s nice, now does it come in one size taller? Lol

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Yes, check the website

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This image shows the woven greenhouse poly, it last well over 10 years even left up over winter here in BC. Real nice product

Its kind da loose and floppy cuz it’s a temporary hoop house in the garden just there because we’ve been getting a lot of rain, it will be down in a couple days and be put on a permanent greenhouse. And for those interested, zoom in on the fan leaf in that top! Its growing bud too!

Interesting product.
I do like the point they make
“our 11mils superstrong clear woven poly gives 100% light diffusion, scattering and refracting light, causing it to come from all directions, reducing shadows, eliminating spots of over intense heat, and providing more uniform light, all of Wich reduces plant stress, making it ideal for growing stocky non “leggy” plants”

Although I question their claims…
On a side note they really need a different web designer and someone with appropriate grammar to write up their page.
Not that I’m a Saint but you know sucks when you see a small business that is missing some key issues