Growing outdoors in western Canada ( Albert )

Wondering if auto plants are the way to go when growing up in Canada, don’t want all my hard work to go to waste with a crazy frost attack lol

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If I had to plant between permafrost and that blip you call summer I’d be all over auto-flowering. From what the guys here are saying you can yell BOO and they’ll start flowering (very sensitive to shock).


Yeah “summer “ lol auto it is I guess haha also have neighbours lights that they won’t turn off for some reason lol

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Yes autos would be ur best bet I deal with the same climate as u. Also I would get one that’s mold resistant


Sutton hope you went with autos, I am growing 2 stress killers and 2 lemon potions.
Didn’t check if they are mold resistant.

Any preventive measures for bugs?
I’m not sure yet myself just reading up but I’m thinking of buying a little Canadian tire green house that you can open the roof flaps, or making one Incase we get a storm.

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Got greenhouse , heater, fans and supplemental lighting. I’m running 3 in ground 1 auto 2 reg green crack. Also got one potted in there and one in open in my garden. Going to see what works best and go flat out next supper :+1::+1::+1:. I tossed some DE down and just gonna let it ride.

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I got bottoms cut out of fabric pot to let her grow. Good chance I won’t be harvesting the outside plant but I wanted to see for myself. As for the tent I can hold 17degress when it’s just 4 outside. Might not be worth it though

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Love!!! Awsome share Sutton

Is that the greenhouse from Canadian tire? I was looking at it online last night (I’m in rainbow Lake doing a turn around for another week or so), not the greatest reviews but I figured the poly is Awsome maybe just would need a different frame build out of pvc?
I would say the cost of the heater would make it not financially viable, but soon it should be warm enough and during the hot days you need to keep the roof vents open or you’ll Cook them lol such temp swings.
When did you plant?
I was told to plant photos may 1st and after a month inside put them outside, although it’s cool outside at night and to hard on them sooooo I think that’s a rough guideline feels more like may 15th to start seeds.

Totally worth the 1 seed experiment, it’s green crack you said? Try northern lights it does the best in our climate. White widow autos are meant to be strong to so may do okay.
Im doing cbd strains =p probably run some northern lights next year.

Your ahead of me that’s for sure my plants are still tiny, had to wait on seeds =( for an extended period of time… Sucks.

It’s from amazon, decent design but like I said this is all a trail for next season to see what works. Yeah heater is costing a fortune I’m sure lol but when I get back next week I’ll turn it off till spring. I got a fan running on the side wall constantly pushing air out. Don’t have the ability to have flaps that I can open and close due to me being gone for long periods. The green crack seems like a strong plant, hit 1 degree last night and I checked it this morning and it looks great ( the one that’s outside in the elements) but I don’t think it will work out in the end lol time will tell with that one. I may just build a nice greenhouse in the spring and run a bunch of plants. My Hydro plant is the way to go I tell ya man :+1: I never put the plAnts outside till May 23rd, still to early by the looks of it lol

I would agree with building your own greenhouse that’s the way to go.

I think I’m not even going to end up buying any greenhouse stuff, instead I’m simply going to just keep growing them inside until its warm enough at night to put them outside and give it a go.
Autos are definitely the way to go, you just need to time them for when it’s warm enough outside so they get the first 30 days inside for a nice strong veg period.

I don’t have the funds to build a greenhouse but maybe in the future, my motorcycle 10x14 workshed is more important and I haven’t built that yet… It’s rhe plan to build it before the snow falls but we will see. Taking time off the field work to be at home a little more this summer.

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