How to do grow ourdoor in north?


Can a very nice grower tell me to do.

Living north so you now.
You can grow potato but not very good the klimat.

Need info to plant outdoor no pot and supervice iam gone in summer so most fix it self.

Big thanks for info?.

Best investment you can make is in the marijuana growers guide. There’s too much to convey in one thread, leave alone one post. Anything else and you’re wasting your time and effort.

Try to get the latest editions that cover all the most resent advancements in lighting.



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P.S. You can also watch videos on You-Tube that haven’t been censored yet, but with the book/s you’ll always have reference.

If not able to tend to them, its best to be close to a stream or creek so roots can find the water they need. I usually use the slow release food sprinkled around base of plant.

Small tips any one?

Whidout read the bibel.

How North are you? Artic circle? Alaska? not alska Canada temp we have snow in Hill now, and tomorow iam snowboard.
But down in village no snow but 30cm down in ground you have ice.

Autos would be ur best bet being that far north plant them as soon as the frost is done

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Ok auto it bee.


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I agree with @Killadruid. I’d shoot for something indica dominant for more hardiness, maybe, too.

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I’d look for a kind that’s mold resistant also. Like northern lights auto


Afghan auto maby.

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