Last Amnesia Haze Auto Ready For Harvest!

Well last one of four ready to harvest tomorrow morning. First timer and will get about 4oz dried when all said and done. A little disappointed in yield, but all on all very happy. Will definitely expand amount and type next summer. Still drug tested at work, but everyone who tried first batch says great high, and tastes smooth. That’s all I really cared about. Will wash, dry for about 2 weeks, and cure for 3 weeks or so in grove bags. Thanks for everyones help!


It’s all bud for sure. If that weighs in at 4 dry ounces, it makes me wonder what this one will yield. Buds are super dense.


4 oz total for 4 plants, this one will probably yield abot an oz when dried. It loses about 75% of it’s initial weight. But that looks like you’ll get much more out of that!


6 oz before drying, biggest haul yet for me. Prob get about 2 oz dried.


Nice, looking forward to harvesting mine, but looks like I’ve got a few days to go. It’s being stubborn about ripening.

Do you have a scope for trichomes, only way I could really tell. I was shooting for 30% amber and 70% cloudy.

Yes, both a 60x, and a usb microscope.

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Will be worth the wait!

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