First Harvest, First Timer

First timer, with my first plant harvest. Amnesia Haze Auto. Only got about 3/4 oz dry bud out of my first plant, but buds look and smell nice. Washed buds with 5 gal water and 3% H2O2 a week ago, basement at 60% humidity, but about 73*, stems snapping so decided to clean today. Placed in grove bag with RH meter for another 3 week or so cure. A little disappointed in yield, but this was more about learning how to grow outdoors, and not f**king it up! Didn’t do any LST training so I’m sure that will help yield next time. Still have another 3 plants ready to harvest in a week or so. But this was all about the learning experience. Thanks for everyone’s guidance step by step, party on!


Amnesia haze can be a tough strain to grow, so well done.


Thanks, I didn’t read that till after I bought it. Just thought the name sounded cool with no clue about climate or how hard it could be to grow. Very dry, hot summer here on Long Island, so worked out well. May try something else next time though.


Good looking buds. Congrats on making it to harvest!


Looks good. You’ll keep better every time. Next time look up fimming. That’s my go to now. I’ve done it last two plants, and I believe it works great for adding yield.

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How was it growing outside? What did you have to do differently?

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Well first grow, so nothing to compare too. But planted inside around 5/15, and transplated outside arund 6/15. Used 4 gallon pots, fox farm soil, and gave fox farm nutes once a week. Found putting in pots helped because I could move around to sunny part yard, and rotate them. Always have nice breeze in yard, so luckily no mold issues. Watered lightly daily. Biggest issue for me being a newbie is knowing when ready. Bought microscope, but at first really didn’t know what I was looki g at. But after seeing enough other pics, started figuring it out, and had about 70% cloudy and 30 % amber trichs. Cured for a week in basement before putting in grove bags today. Will know in about 3 weeks if it all paid off or not!


You did it!

Great job and it will be more fun and keep changing your grows based on what new knowledge you’ve gained.

Well done…you are a grower!


First grow and you got bud to smoke I call that a success congratulations