Just recieved HLG 135 4000K - confused but not complaining

I have been gearing up to have a small veg tent and 4x4 flower tent. I needed
a veg light for the small tent.

I just recieved my “scratch and dent” HLG 135 QB V2 4000K kit. Description said board imperfections. I see nothing wrong with it, but while looking it over, I notice its a QB 324 board 4000K. :thinking:
Is the QB 324 in 4000K something new?

The driver is a Meanwell HLG120 54a

I will post pics shortly…

Where did u get it do u have link

Direct from HLG…and apparently I got the only one because its no longer showing up on the website.

But here is the order…

The only defect I found was the seal was broken on the bag…BUT… the 2 halves of the seal do not line up when the bag is folded over. It’s like the bag was used for a smaller board?

here is the board

The 324 means it has 324 diodes on it. @dbrn32 can confirm if you have the right driver.

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I know… I just never saw a 324 in 4000K before

Yeah they’ve been out for awhile. I think they are just trying to move the old stock out. You’ll love the light. I just got 2 304’s in the mail today.

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Yea they look cool for sure and u can grow more then one plant wit it?

New by me too. I also haven’t seen them send 135 kits with the 324 board until now. Driver should run the board though.


Maybe they ran out while filling orders and subbed it in.


They sent me the wrong boards too, took them a bit to reply but they ended up refunding me the cost of the driver I had bought.