Just a handful of buds

Hi as yous know ive harvested a small mount of buds off my Gorilla glue ive been drying them and today they were ready for trimming and weighing well i weighed it all up and i got 35.45 grams from a handful of buds so i cant wait to see what the final result will be once i harvest the rest of the plant


Gg is heavy stuff.


Yah it is in so many ways i cant wait to see what i get from the rest of the harvest when its ready


Keep waiting for mine to bulk up. It seems to be moving kind of slow, but hopefully it has a bulk spurt before long. Day 30 of flower. One on the left.

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Yah the rest of my Gorilla glue auto is growing slowly buds are bulking up but not quickly.im having some of the gorilla glue now and i must say its kicking my backside its strong

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My wife will enjoy that. Don’t smoke myself. I grow for her.