Gorilla glue and American dream

first time SOG not far off harvest


Hope you got helpers for trimming all that! Nice work!

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Yeah me, half was a week later ,but I’m not sure what ones

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Beautiful buds!!

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Beautiful scrog my friend.
Very nice indeed. :+1:

Very nice, great growing!

Awesome job ! beautiful buds.

The weight from this grow was 2 0z short of 7 Ib


Awesome growing. I have two GG4 photos going now myself, how many weeks did yours take to finish from flip?

8 weeks, 9 till finished trim

That is straight up sexy as hell, nice work man

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Welcome to the best place to learn or teach about growing cannabis. Happy growing!


i appreciate the welcome :slight_smile:

That’s a beautiful sight…how many plants is that?!

That is 8, 4 off each

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Fn sweet man!