Judgement on Plant health

Hi Everyone
Would like opinions an comments on these 2 plants. Health, Condition, Keep, Trash, are they Keepers? History for these are they both were put in Solo Cups at the first of Sept. 22. Moved to 3 Gallon Fabric Pots mid October. Spent the next 2 weeks outside and this made 8 weeks outside. Days became 12 hours. Plants looked liked they were going to early flower or bud. I moved them inside under lights. Spent all of November, December, and now January under indoor lights. As you can see they grew very compact and skinny. Not bushy as my previous outdoor grows. Middle of January I had to move them to a Window sunlight setting for a week and they grew 6 inches or more. Back under indoor lights for 2 weeks now. These have always looked from the November time till now like the leaves, stems and all have LOTS of good frosting on them. My confusion in these 2 are that they have not actually created Buds yet and its been 6 months next week since being potted. My previous 4 plants grown outdoors went well and took 5 1/2 months till Harvest. Any guidance here on whats normal or not and how I should proceed is greatly appreciated.
Thanks to all for your time.

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I’ve seen this before on the forum. Its based on phenotypes and ruderalis genes if i recall. If this turns out anything like @VirginiaGrowBoy’s plant then if you grow it out you’ll have a million little cotton ball nugs. Me personally i dont think they are worth growing out unless you want to experience something new. What do you think? @Docnraq


Thanks for the tag but this ones outside my knowledge base. Lets tag a couple folks. @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @Caligurl and @Graysin cuz she is just awesome!


@jpwesty5 and thanks for the tag @BigCat420 you have a good memory. @Docnraq

Here’s what mine turned out looking like. Had 1000 1-gram buds.

It’s hard to trim…and at the end I just over dried it on purpose and just crumbled the budettes off with my hands. Got 2.7 oz. of powder-like budettes that I didn’t even need to grind to roll a joint.

If it happened again, I probably would have deep sixed it but it was fun and interesting to see it play out the first time.


Thanks for the quick replies. Any idea as to why these grow like this and different than my others? These 2 were the same seeds (Wedding Cake) as my previous 4 outside grows. The previous 4 turned out fine but were small in yield size I think. I know Indoor Lights are different than outdoor sun but do the Lights make a difference like this?

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Phenotypes make a world of difference

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Wow! Just did a Google Search for Weed Phenotypes. Explains just about every question I had. What is a phenotype? | Cannabis Glossary | Leafly

Thanks for the knowledge share. I now feel somewhat better about my situation.

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I love this plant! Never have I been so excited for someone elses harvest! I remember the bag of it trimmed looked like crushed up crunch berrys.


Trim off th top vegi growth and then hit with 12/12 flower for a month and decide.
Grow the replacement, should string two be needed.
I re-veged and have similiar growth. Harvested a branch today for taste testing.
Kiefe mining need flowers, not pretty, just GOOEY. I keep anything, until I need space.
Cash, Gas, or Grass, somebody’s got to go.



I had a Zkittlez do this to me. I didn’t even try to trim it, I just cut and dried, decarbed and turned it into concentrate.

Had similar with a Chocolope. Should have done the same, but stubbornly tried to trim it. Just handed off the last of it to my MIL to smoke cuz I’m sick of it.

I have one again now, Melonade.

Anyway it’s worth keeping if you have the expectation of turning it into concentrate or edibles. If you wanna smoke it as flower, don’t bother.

Thanks for the tag & shout out, @Docnraq :v:


Haha! Thanks @Docnraq & @Graysin
It was my red-headed step child.

Yeh, in the bag it looked just like Grape Nuts cereal. :crazy_face:
Here ya go…


Last question I promise. Asking for a friend…will this plant ever bud correctly, will any part of it be smokeable, can the leaves be smoked, and she wants to know if there are any concerns to smoking this plant or its leaves? Are the stems even smokeable with the frosting if ground she wants to know? My friend is used to seeing only the commercial type that is in perfect bud form.
Thanks again for helping and teaching.

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Technically yes but also don’t.

Also technically yes but don’t.

Many of us are - although the more you home grow, the more you will see gorgeous buds that far surpass any dispensary bud.

Okay now allow me to elaborate on my statements in response to her questions:

There are trichomes (and thus thc) on anything that appears frosty - the stalk, the leaves, the funky shaped buds. I would not smoke any of those by themselves, because the amount of chlorophyll, plant lipids, and other undesirable things generally will contribute to bad taste, bad smell, and probably headaches.

The way you become able to smoke those trichomes (and thc) without the contaminants/undesired plant product is to process it in some fashion.

I highly recommend investing in a cheap set ($50-$100) of bubble hash bags. This allows you to make hash using nothing but ice and cold water in a 5 gallon bucket.

There are many other ways to extract, but that’s the easiest and quickest way to throw all the plant material into one container and get some good back out of it. I don’t recall who here was a bubble hash pro, but many of us have dabbled in lots of extraction methods. Maybe @ReelOfishalTrees has some thoughts about how best to reclaim the most thc out of malformed buds and the accompanying sugar leaves. He’s an extract pro.

This is exactly why you have flowering growth and new begging growth. The light cycles changed from one season to the next.
Cannabis needs 12/12 light cycle to continue flowering.