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4 x 4 tent, went a little long on veg.Flowered about a month ago.All was ok after switch to 12x12 lighting.The Indica grew super tall the sativa short with lots of buds.About 3 weeks ago I put lights up from 600 to 750 for a day, was too hot and some of buds and leaves burned.The indica is not ready to harvest as it has white pistil hairs.The sativa seems ready with all hairs dark and above 50
% of the bulbs terpenes are darkening.Do I fish then harvest this plant now, then cut off all the burnt popcorn buds or trash them and chalk up to first grow mistakes

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If you could a picture would help to clarify before anything is done.

I’ll give you a support ticket to fill out and I’ll tag some help.
Looks further than 4 weeks flowering.

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Your thoughts on this. :wink::v:


I really can’t tell without a zoomed in picture of the triclones. You really can’t tell by just looking at the buds from a distance because it can be deceiving.

  • What strain, OG Breath and OG Kush

  • Method: Organic soil,

  • Vessels: fabric Pots,

  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)

  • Tiger Blood and Bloom

  • Indoor

  • Light system

  • Temps; Night

  • Humidity; 48%

  • Ventilation system; Yes, intake filtered and w=exhaust fan on top

  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, NONE

  • Co2; Yes

650 Watt lights

Should cut these dry buds off?

Trichones are cloudy a few amber , looked through loop as I was waiting until I’m over 50% amber

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Based on what I see it’s likely the light was too close and torched those colas. Not sure what you can recover from that.

That’s what I thought, should I clip them off and keep the not burned ones?