Is my marijuana plant ready

A question from a fellow grower:

when do think this is ready its 3 months old

What strain is it? Ready to put it into the flowering light cycle? Ready to be cut down? I would lean heavily towards no as far as being ready to cut down. It’s really hard to tell from the picture.

Other thoughts…

Was it grown indoors? Under what kind of light? If it didn’t have adequate light or nutrients, the buds may not swell much more, but normally the buds should be thicker and larger than they appear in the picture. To me it looks like it is just getting started and needs at least about 6-8 weeks more.

As long as you see new pistils forming; The plant is still maturing. It looks like it is getting close. The one thing I noticed is that the fan leaves are still dark green predominantly; And, usually a finishing plant, has fan leaves that are yellowing as the plant winds down to harvest.

Nice plant. Trichomes all over. The true test is the % of clear, cloudy, amber trichomes.

Yup, what Latewood said: “The true test is the % of clear, cloudy, amber trichomes.”

No matter what strain, it kinda depends on your personal preference, some people prefer all the trichomes milky white while others prefer the trichomes mostly amber. Most seem to settle on a 1/4 to 1/2 of the trichomes to have turned amber. As a general rule, the more milky white — the more of a sativa (more cerebral) like high, and the more amber — more of an indica (more relaxing body and couch-lock) like high. Some people find without enough amber trichomes the high feels a little edgy and uncomfortable, mostly in sativa dominant plants. As to the hairs, they are only a rough guide, the trichome development will be at the above stated levels when the hairs are about 50% - 100% brown/reddish/orange, you should have a 40-60 times jeweler’s loupe or magnifyer so you can see your trichomes and have a more accurate way to tell. They will start out looking perfectly clear, like a little crystal mushroom forest, then they will gradually become more and more milky white with some starting to just barely turn amber, this is when most people would probably harvest, especially with indica dominant plants.

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Hey i apologize for the vague question and somewhat out of focus pic, I had no idea it was going in a forum such as this…Thanks for the comments people…I dont know what strain it is, because i get my seeds free from a friend, they are seeds that end up in the bags, but its probably a Kush, or white widow, i just dont know as the herb always changes…This particular seed was sitting on my window sill for a couple years , as soon as i planted it it grew very fast, Ive had luck planting seeds over the years and its some of the best herb ive smoked…Its just planted in a pot with some good soil, no ferts at all, not a big yield maybe a half oz on this after drying, 3 other seeds i planted did not work out, ! looked amazing with a big bud in the middle at 3 weeks only, but it collapsed as soon as i repotted it…The plant in the picture is about 13 weeks now, I never have luck indoors , always mold or bugs take over, so its in the garden, but got to be careful round here, not legal yet…I dont really know what a flowering light cycle is but this 3 footer is laden with white (cloudy)crystals, some of the large leaves are yellowing and developing a bit of leaf spot, the bottom leaves fell off also, and a small cluster down low died also , i tasted it and it was a bit funky but very good quality,m i know this plant is gonna be killer, we had some heavy rain for 2 weeks and should have protected it, i figure it got a bit waterlogged, got it back on track now, put some vermiculite on top and it is pretty happy, Ill post a better pic shortly…Thanks again…I do want to grow larger quantities in the near future but have just grown a few plants for personal use

What picture :mrgreen:

Most cannabis needs 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness to start flowering so a flowering light cycle would be in the winter out doors and 12 hours or less of light indoors. Get the magnifiers, that is the only way to know for sure, you need to see these cloudy crystals up close to see if the above stated % and then you will know, it sounds like it is ready or it is pretty close.

Most likely not but then again to make sure what you need to do is check the trichomes with a 60x100 microscope. But ya like Latewood said the leaves are still green no signs of yellowing toward finishing. But use a microscope to check the trichomes for change in cloudiness or amber. Give it a bit longer


Do thesr look ready. White widow 8 weeks in flowering.

There is no way to be absolutely sure without being able to peek into the trichomes. Get a jeweler’s loupe or high powered hand held magnifying glass, they are not expensive, not uncommon nor hard to find and it will be well worth it to you to get the most out of your crop. The way it was done traditionally by native peoples with their landrace strains, before “microscopes”, was to judge by watching the pistils/hairs.
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I shoot for my trichomes to be say around 65% Amber
The more amber the more couch lock less amber more head or body high.

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