My buds are always so small

My plants grow good and smell good but the buds never get as big as most posted on here… i think im letting the main stem get to tall. Most I’ve seen here are only about 3ft tall or so… mine are about 5ft… i have so much to learn. This is only my second season growing. They are in a greenhouse outside, i am at the mercy of the weather.


A lot of us grow inside so we have to top, train, let, scrog to keep plant short and even. You still have a good month to go. Are you harvesting too early?


I think i did last year. It was still grassy tasting. But im letting it go this year. Im hoping i do better this year. Should i still be fertilizing at this stage or not


Yes heavy pk and low n


Ok so stupid question i guess. Do you get a specific fertilizer? What’s the best to use… if you don’t mind my asking

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Well what are you growing in. ie type of soil? And what have you been feeding

Regular miracle grow soil and miracle grow fertilizer… i mixed a high urea acid fertilizer with the regular miracle grow…

Maybe next season i should buy from here unless there is another off the shelf that will work

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No no no no no on miracle grow. Most has 6 months time released nutrients. The high nitrogen interferes during flower. You need soil for marijuana and nutrients geared toward it


First welcome back your plants look great I agree with @HornHead you still have a few weeks to go to finish those buds as far as the grassy taste or hay smell that’s all in getting a good long drying process and curing out properly . Good luck with your buds


Ok good to know… do you have a place in mind i can order from our go to, in order to buy the right stuff… odd thing is i live in Colorado and can’t find growing supplies here…

Thank you for your help

Thank you

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Google the nearest hydroponics store near you

I’ll have to do research this winter

Ok i will do that. Thank you for your help… and advice

Farm and fleet, maybe check stores or that nature

Start giving them alfalfa teas 1 cup of alfalfa meal or pellets to a gallon of water let it bubble over night and ph and feed and add a couple tablespoons of molasses or brown sugar to the mix
With green house with plastic wrap after a certain time it fades to where alot of spectrums don’t make it through to the plants.
Yes the more nitrogen during flowering make it take longer to finish and if to much it will make for small buds
The urea is great for vegetative growth your on the right path here basically if you can grow corn you can grow weed i can go to the CO-OP for nutrients basically i just get the same thing in a bottle but in a 50lb bag or bigger and just make your own nutrients and get it for pennies on the dollar about 95% of the bottle nutrients are water
Anyway I hope this helps you and gives you some more ideas

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Lots of great information. Thank you so much. I will be doing lots of research this winter


Ok thank you

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