Journal 4: More Light

Unable to find it on Amazon or Gardentech. Any other leads?

I’ll bet you could use this just fine:

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Thank you sir

Ash no garden tek Has it silly!

It’s really good quality actually very finally ground.

Ps I bought the smallest bag. It will last a while you only use it for 2 weeks Durring each grow.

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@Nicky Oops, must’ve missed it. Thank you brother I’ll order some come flowering. I have two that already broke ground. Solo cups felt much lighter so I gave them a teeny tiny bit of some jacks 321

Thanks again!

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2 broke ground on the 23rd and the other 2 were the day after. MBB is in the lead followed by EG then JH then SBR. Still waiting on SBR’s shell to fall off

Cups were light yesterday so I gave them another dose of jacks 321. Not too much tough, there wasnt any run off

Lowered light to 2 feet away and Increased light power to 72w

30c 58%


Mini fan is now on, blowing enough air to get the plants to flicker

SBR has been like this for a few days. Anything I should do about it? @Myfriendis410 @Hellraiser @Nicky

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Remove the shell with two pairs of tweezers, the helmet is stuck it’s to hard


Yeah got the helmet head problem there. That’s the only time I ever spray a seedling, when they have that problem. The water can get in there under the shell and help loosen it up so the sprout can push it off. I usually spray it and give it a day to see if it comes off by itself, if it does not then I break out the tweezers as @Nicky said.

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Did you or did you not use hydrogen peroxide when you soaked the seed out of curiosity.

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Thank you guys. I just removed it. Will give it a couple of days and see how she’ll look like.

@Nicky no I did not

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@Nicky @Hellraiser i think I broke it :confused:

Its bending down now. Doesnt look too good. That ones done?

Stand it up and pack dirt around it. Might still grow…

The hydrogen peroxide softens the shell…

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@Nicky unfortunately It looks worse now. Too dry I had to throw it. I’ll just drop another seed. Im thinking AK 47


Cookies Haze ended up replacing the Sugar Black Rose. 6 days apart wont be too bad


Noooo sugar black rose is a light smoke but super high terp profile!


AK to date is my favorite sativa consistently but I haven’t grown alot of sativas, it’s a nice clear head sativa smoke. I think I like it better than my monster Bruce Banner smoke wise but the MBB yeilds more.
I’ve got alot more sativas to grow and try though, like my amnesia haze that’s now cured.
I had an amazing Bruce banner but the MBB didn’t smoke like it so I when I get rid of the MBB I’ll try another Bruce banner genetic.

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AK will be my next haze, along with super silver Haze.

Lets see how the cookies haze will do this round. MBB sounds like its a heavy yielder. Im excited to use the trellis net this grow

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I used one this grow and I’ll probably never use one again lol.
I like bamboo sticks so I can mvoe my plants, once the nets in there and they grow into it… Can’t move em which makes it brutal to defoilate or get into your tent if you needed to mvoe the back fans or whatever.

I think the individual setups are better.


@Nicky Thats true, thats the biggest drawback to a trellis net. What I’ll try to do, is open the tent from all around and work my way through it. I’ll see how it goes, hopefully it wont be too bad

I just cant fit 4 of the individual ones in my 3x3, thats why im going with just one big trellis net