Jack's Petunia FeEd and Palm Food

I found a good local deal on Jacks Petunia 20-6-22 as well as the Palm Food 16-5-25. I also have some Citrus FeEd 20-10-20 on the way. Any experiences with specifically the first 2? I’ve heard of many successful grows with the Citrus. I plan on doing a side by side by side with em’.

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Any time I see a 1 part nutrient is a red flag to check calcium content. Neither the palm or petunia feed appear to have any. Cannabis is going to be calcium hog from transition through mid flower. One (petunia i think) is short on sulfur as well, and you will want a little of that as well.

The citrus is popular because it should work reasonably as stand alone for vegging plants. Npk ratio is fairly level and has most of everything you need. Most of the people successful using it will switch for flowering or have a couple of things they will add at some point or regularly. The other two have long npk ratios. Since they will most likely need a calcium supplement, puts you in dangerous territory. There are limited amount of products that will add calcium without nitrogen, which will make N to P gap even taller. Same deal, if you run into situation where you need to bring P up. You start running into specialty products from limited distributors to do that in a way that makes sense.

I am nearly sure if your goal is to make them work you could be successful. I’m almost as sure that it’s likely more hassle than it’s worth. Doesn’t hurt to try though. I had half assed considered trying the peat-lite blend with calcium nitrate, super phosphate, and magnesium sulfate. But price isn’t in line with what I know will work.

Sounds like the petunia and a cal mag bottle would work for a basic calcium magnesium and sulfur if it’s got everything else

Very good advice. Definitely don’t want to make that gap any taller. You indirectly answered a question I was recently wondering…I didn’t realize it needed as much calcium as you mentioned so definitely something to keep an eye out for. I’m trying Bruce Bugbee’s “recipe” in this grow. 50/50 peat vermiculite with the addition of 10g gypsum and 40g dolomitic lime (5 gallon grow pot) - these two ingredients of course provide more calcium, sulfur, and magnesium. This combined with tap I’m hoping will help. I do have some cal mag as well as cal nit.

Only difference in his recipe and what I’ve added is I used pelletized d-lime as compared to the hydrated/pulverized shown in his video. Im wondering if that will make a difference.

I’ve researched that the addition of the extra sulfur can contribute to more potency. Im only on my 3rd grow so what are your thoughts on that as well? My plan is to start running Jack’s bloom booster weeks 2-3 of flower and then the 7-15-30 finish until flush. The finish has even more Sulfur too.

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Pellets are just slower/longer release than powder aa far as I know. As long as that isn’t a problem, will provide some calcium for sure.

That is reason I said below. Easy to add some epsom if need be.

It will be interesting to see how your plans work out. The finish blend is strikingly close to the 5-12-26, which is used successfully by many.

Thanks again for the advice. Will post progress on this thread. I’m running 3 plants on petunia, 3 plants on palm, and 3 on citrus (once it arrives Tuesday).

I will note that the Petunia FeEd calls for a tablespoon every 7-10 days…No way I would hit em with that so I added 1 tsp at a time to my tap and I was pretty impressed with the results…better yet the ease of getting to my target EC / pH. I found at 2 tsp of petunia + tap per gallon I’m getting a pH of 6.1 to 6.3 with an EC of 1.3-1.4. I also found that adding 1g or 1/4 tsp of Epsom to the mix increases the EC up to 1.5-1.6. For me and our city’s tap this is a very easy formula. I just hope that the plants respond well to it.

The Palm Food formula was simple too but in order to achieve my target EC AND pH I’d have to add a little pH up. 1 tsp of palm comes to 1.0-1.1 and pH @ 5.8. I may just run with this and then compare after a couple of weeks.

Again will post my progress…